Thursday, November 14, 2013

The (best) Horse Hubby

Hawk at Forging Fiction is running one of the coolest and most thoughtful contests out there. Instead of giving away horse products with an entry being why you love said horse products (not that I'm against such things, of course), she's making the entrants say what they're most thankful for.

What am I most thankful for?

The photographer that comes to the barn whenever asked, no matter the weather, and takes epic pictures.

why, yes. i did fall off one stride later.

oh, hey. there's me falling off again.

The chauffeur that gets up at 3am on a Sunday morning in the spring after working from 5am to 9pm six days straight to drive me to a horse show.

passed out at plantation between dressage and stadium.

The shoulder to cry on when I start to lose faith in my riding ability, my horse's ability, and my mental stability. But also the shoulder to thump with an enthusiastic dude pat when we bring home a ribbon, or nail a distance, or finally get more than one stride of roundness.

making a giant horse look like a midget.

The rider who went from doing cattle work in Montana on Quarter Horses, to trail riding in New York on an Appaloosa, to a lover of Thoroughbreds no matter what the discipline.

red pony shows why he was the best.

The Hubby that thinks to himself, "What do I get my girlfriend on Valentine's Day, when she already has tons of horsey shit? What about an OTTB tee, ordered on the sly because that silly slut can't keep her nose out of anything?" And then has it gift wrapped and shipped to work to surprise me with something for the first time ever. (Do you remember that order, Kristen? Because I remember seeing it on the facebook page that "someone" had ordered a secret shirt for V-Day, and I was all, "Aww!" only to have it be for me!)

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

And, lest we not forget, the checkbook. The person who doesn't hesitate to say, "Just buy it." Or, "So have the vet out. Again." Or, "How many saddles are you up to now?" Er, well, maybe that last one doesn't count.

"how many horses are you up to now?"

I'm thankful that I have the best Horse Hubby out there. He might not be recommending dating a horse chick to any of his friends, but we're compatible enough that it works. At the very least, he hasn't been able to get rid of my crazy ass yet.

oh, hubby.


  1. I hope I can find someone as awesome as your hubby one day!

  2. That's awesome and you're lucky! I got mine to the barn once only because we were having a party with booze afterward. Your hubby sounds awesome, make sure he knows it!

  3. Awe, well said. He sounds like a great catch! I am also thankful for my horse hubby, who not only is learning horse maintenance on the fly, but chases a screaming (literally) toddler around while taking pics/ video for me. He also most importantly knows when to tell me to quit whining and just do it. :)

  4. It takes a special guy to be with us equestrians, that's for sure. I haven't figured out if they're just the gullible, stupid ones or the unbelievable generous and loyal ones... maybe a bit of both!

  5. Awww! And he rides too?! Wow...tell me if you find another one! ;)

  6. Aw, this is really sweet. Your hubby sounds like a keeper to me!

  7. Awww Yay for hubbykins! Sounds like a real winner you got there! =)

  8. Great catch!!!! He needs to teach my hubby ;) mines good some of the time lol

  9. Awe! I love this. Maybe this should be conviently left on the computer for reading material for my husband....hmmm. Maybe, that's a little direct? He tolerates my horse habit and knows his life isn't too nice if he messes with me too much about it. Wise man! (he learned the hard way...) Happy wife, happy life! Right?

  10. What a lovely post, he sounds like a stand up horse husband....we know it isn't easy for them. You too look adorable together.

  11. What an awesome guy!! Love the last pic :)


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