Monday, November 4, 2013

Death by Cuteness

So my barn gets some pretty fucking cute ponies in on rotation. I never showed you guys Angie (I will one day when I dig up a picture of her), but the latest was Mojo:

bobby's t/o buddy until he was sound enough to go back to the big paddock.

However, Mojo was sold this weekend and in his place we got:

that's right, sunny. you admire that cute little pony.

He doesn't have a name, and BM wasn't able to tell me anything about him yet, but holy shit is he the cutest fucking pony you've ever seen in your life, or what? I stuck my fingers between the bars of his stall for about two seconds before I couldn't resist and threw open his door and gave him giant pony snuggles. Instead of being offended by the abrupt invasion of his personal space by a complete stranger, he was just like, "Oh, hai! I don't know you, but I'm sure we're best friends! Scratch my ears!" and proceeded to let me maul him for a good ten minutes before I could separate myself.


I forced myself to get my giant, lug-headed mule-horse out, groom him, and do his carrot stretches before tacking him up. Adorable Pony heard the crinkle of cookie wrappers and kept letting out the cutest pony grunts until I dropped Bobby cold and stuffed them down Adorable Pony's face instead. Bobby looked a little confused, but listen dude--until you look like this, you're going to get less cookies than your neighbor. That's just the way life works. Attractive people horses just get farther in life.

"...but this is my best posing face."

Ohhhhkayyyyy. No more Pony. Tiny ponies do not get ridden by giant people, so this blog is sadly not going in that direction. I don't even care. All I want to do is smush him.

So. Bobby.

It was fucking frigid out this morning--frigid enough that the butt cape actually came out. BM said that Bobby looked a little foot sore in his hinds coming in this morning, so I was on the lookout for that during my ride. I thought he looked okay walking up the hill to the outdoor. He did feel a little shuffle-y at the trot for the first few minutes, but once he was warmed up, he felt great. (Sound. In the outdoor. Barefoot. Be still my heart.) He looks like he might have a little bruising on the sole of his RH, but that could just be me looking for an excuse. I'm going to restart the everyday Farrier Barrier application again to see if that helps any.

I started off with draw reins on, but I always warm up with them flopping in the breeze before giving him the chance to start working correctly on his own. When he refuses and reverts to Drama Llama, I pick them up until we've reached a compromise. Today, I ended up stopping my ride to pull them off because he was completely spot on from the first step, and all they were doing was dangling annoyingly between his legs.

Shoulder-in down the quarterline, leg yields both direction on and off the rail, flying changes, and counter canter from the walk both ways (He's such a boss about this one--who wants to lease him for $100k for next year's Maclay? Call me.) were all super good. He was just in a working mindset for once in his obnoxious life. Even his canter was quiet and balanced instead of braced and rushed. I worked him for about thirty minutes before running out of things to do and calling it quits. I need to bring my dressage tests up so I can be a little more focused.

Also, I need a pony.


  1. Replies
    1. He was a little taller than this pony, and made grumpy faces at you, but he was still an Adorable Pony. I wish this barn was just full of fancy ponies. I would be in heaven.

  2. Maybe Bobby was good because he knows you would replace him with a cute pony if you could? I mean, maybe you need a pony just to keep him in line? There's a reason to add to your pro-pony list.

    1. Sounds like a totally legit reason. Find me my checkbook.

  3. Horse + Pony ≠ Horse + Horse...
    So cute. :D

  4. OMG that pony is soooo cute. Give him a hug for me. *jealous*

  5. Laughed out loud with the photo comparison, had to show the Fiance :D

    SO great to have those rides when everything clicks and the pony brings everything to the table!

  6. Omg no-name pony is ADORABLE! Poor Bobby better whip out the big horse cuteness or lose some serious coolie love.

  7. That pony is way too stinking cute.

  8. That pony is almost as cute as my pony! (the only reason my pony wins is because she has the delicate face with a blaze and that OMG belly spot!)
    I'm really loving the roan ponies! Someone needs to ride him Pas de Deux with me!!

  9. oh my goodness, I love pony snuggles!

  10. Ponies!!! Love them and their attitudes!

  11. take my pony.....she's a devil pony!!

  12. I LOVE tiny ponies! He is adorable!
    Hubby wanted to offer Princess Rainbow Sparkles to the guy he bought a horse from on Saturday as a partial trade. I cried for seriously 4 hours straight and was in a deep depression until he decided that he didn't want to get rid of her. Basically her job is to make cute pony sounds and let me play with her tiny pony ears. Why would anyone want to get rid of a pony? She has been ridden by my friends tiny human for like 3 minutes since she moved here...but I mean... she is a tiny pony and is fricken adorable... she needs to stay forever.

  13. That sounds like a really good day =]

  14. UGH Ponies are to DIE for and that one is NO exception!!!! I love to ride on the back of a wildeponie!


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