Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Team Work? It can happen!

I need to be blindfolded when I walk into the barn. It's just way too easy to get distracted when this is what greets you:

"oh, hey. it's just me--the cutest pony ever."
he's been named falco.

So Bobby has been......good.....the past two days. Everyone take a second to knock on wood. He's been so good jumping that I'm waiting for the inevitable reversion to the awful mess we usually are.

Yesterday, I lazily set up a two stride line that boxed in the vertical on the short side and made up a little course with the three jumps. He was totally nonchalant about the whole thing. I'm keeping the jumps tiny for now, so it's not exactly physically or mentally stimulating, but that's the whole point, isn't it?

I think I've finally cracked the Bobby Jumping Code. Three whole years of doing one extreme of this or that, and I've finally pieced together a little bit of both and created a perfect gentleman of a jumper. Well, over 2'6" at least. We'll see how well it holds up once I ask him to go a little more forward for bigger jumps.

But srsly.

Jumping used to consist of not being able to count how many good jumps we got in the entire ride because you can't count to zero on your fingers! Now I can count on one hand how many eyebrow-raising jumps we get throughout the course of the ride. Note "eyebrow-raising" and not "cover your head and peak between your fingers to see if it's over" jumps. I'll force Hubby to get video this weekend.

bobby finally got his own sheet instead of having to get stuffed into red's 78"
and, for the past few days while waiting for this to arrive his 75", sheets.
he was clearly super enthused.
also, i stick his feet into his tub and leave him to his own devices for 20 mins.
this is how crazy he gets.

Today was a dressage ride in the indoor. We spent a lot of time tooling around on the buckle at all three gaits because that seemed more fun than doing anything productive. I finally decided we should do some work and made poor Mr Magee do about a thousand transitions between walk, trot, halt, and canter, and transitions within the gait for the trot and canter. He was all, "Whatever you want, lady." I love when my donkey is feeling cooperative.

We ran though Training A, did some counter canter to his tougher direction, a little stretchy trot, and finished with some trot also to his tougher direction. He really likes to drop his shoulder tracking left, and then his whole giant body just collapses in on itself. It's a beast to work with, but lots and lots of leg and a relentless outside rein got him mostly straightened out.

halloween slobber!
or, what happens when your horse eats carrots pre-ride.

He gets tomorrow and maybe Friday off as well. I might be taking sick days due to the copious amounts of Halloween candy I've been eating. Ughhhhh.


  1. plz tell me that his show name will be "Rock Me Amadeus" because that would give me so many feels.

    1. Ok, I am so glad I'm not the only one who thought that's who he was named after! But it's from a character from the movie The Replacements.

  2. Does he really keep both of his feet in the bucket for 20 min? Omg how do you train this?

    1. I was just about the ask the same thing! I am sooo jealous!

    2. I just trained him to ground tie. He'll literally park it anywhere I put him and tell him "Stand." The one downside to this is I haven't found a release word yet, so the other day I was trying to shove him forward to step out of his tub after soaking and he refused to budge. I now have to manually lift his feet out. Even Bobby's fancy tricks come with Bobby's own special flair.

    3. Um pretty stinken amazing!

  3. OMG, I love your horse! Seriously. The personality!

  4. Glad to hear things are going well with you two!


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