Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dressage video

Bobby was almost...spooky today.


Bobby is never spooky.

But the temperature was hovering around twenty degrees this morning with thirty mph wind whipping dried leaves across the roof of the indoor, and Bobby actually twitched a muscle in response and had a neck snake. I had to laugh at him. I don't think he's ever been so reactive to things normal horses would be flipping shit about.

flopped over sideways ears. he takes nothing seriously.

I tried BO's dressage saddle today. It fit Bobby pretty well, but as soon as I swung aboard I knew it was going to be a no-go. I have such a long thigh that the only way to keep my knee behind the small block was to drop my stirrups so far I could barely keep my toe in. I ended up shortening them and letting my knee poke over the flap which resulted in actual bruising on the inside of my leg. Poo.

I started Bobby off in his Micklem since I figured if we were going to ride in a dressage saddle again, he could go in his dressage bridle. Bobby said no. Fortunately, I'd planned ahead and brought his hackamore down and switched him out to that. He was more willing to work after that, but he still started off being a little sassy.

BO made me laugh yesterday when K2 was getting frustrated at Pilot during her lesson, and BO asked us as a whole, "When is it ever the horse's fault?" We all chanted, "Never." BO agreed before pausing and saying, "Well, sometimes it is. Sometimes it's Bobby's fault." I'm glad my horse is beginning to be recognized as the diva he is.


I've been awful with posts rambling on lately, so here are the promised videos of this morning's brief ride:

Counter canter with a very sticky upward transition:

Lateral work to the right. Usually he's better this way, but today he was better to the left. I'm not sure where his neck was going in that haunches in...

To the left. Our shoulder-in is really more of a shoulder-fore ninety percent of the time, especially when someone (or two someones) is feeling frozen. Also, note how our leg yields went from leading too much with the front end to too much with the hind end. Bobby + Carly = consistently inconsistent.

Cantering both ways:

He was feeling pretty stiff today with how frigid it is--and how quickly it got this frigid--so I'm happy with how he went. Always room for improvement though.


  1. Nice. He looks really calm.
    I'm glad 30's are pretty much as cold as we get here. My circulatory system refuses to put out the extra effort in cold weather, and purple lips and fingers are so unattractive and inconvenient.

  2. You guys look good! And I like your always-entertaining rambling. This ain't composition class!

  3. Looking good! Also, isn't rambling part of blogging? Isn't that why we're all here? Other than the HILARIOUS animated gif posts, I mean. ;)

  4. His lateral work looks really good! Can you come get Simon moving laterally that well?

  5. Lookin awesome!!!

    Burrrrr! 20 deg!!


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