Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Day Challenge - Day 1

Tracy started it, and Julie's also doing it, so I'm jumping aboard. The weather is awful out here in ole NE PA, and when you live on a rural road, snow plows put you on the bottom of their list. Barn time will probably be limited this week with continued bad weather forecasted and with the food coma I'm going to put myself in tomorrow. Mm, pie.

Without further ado...

1. Most influential person on your riding

I don't have one specific person that really influences me. However, since moving to my current barn in September of 2011, I've been surrounded by a lot of really gifted riders who have inspired me to put more work into myself, and more specifically into my riding position. I can't afford to be in a lesson program, and that's never been something I've enjoyed, but I'm constantly pushing myself to be better than those around me. Not out of spite, but out of motivation to improve myself and my horse.

i have to do right by my horse.
he's kind of a big deal.

2. Piece of tack you'd love to splurge on

Just like Tracy and Julie, I'd kill to splurge on a saddle. I don't think I've ever even touched a fancy, expensive saddle, but I'd love to go armed into a tack store with a wad of cash (or someone else's credit card) and be able to sit in every dressage saddle under the sun until I found one that made my butt melt. Is there anything better? No.

splurging on these boots would also be acceptable.

3. Top 5 riding playlist

I don't own an ipod or even a fucking walkman, but even if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to listen to music while riding. I zone out way too easily as it is; I don't need to get distracted by music! That said, I have a playlist that I jam to when packing and unpacking for shows that includes Disney greats, Eminem, and Tom Waits. I like all the things. Don't judge.

disney songs came from galloping my school's racehorses while they were home.
nothing calmed them down like a little pocahontas. true story.

4. Most important aspect of your barn?

Turnout. The turnout at my barn is amazing. The fields are mowed regularly, reseeded every spring, and are giant enough that mud only accumulates by the gates and massive run-ins (that are also cleaned regularly). There are enough fields that there are several options for horse pairings and turnout time. Bobby currently goes out with three other horses in a twelve acre field for seventeen hours a day/night.

bobby on the far right. you know, with the giant withers and tiny tail.

5. Three winter riding goals

  1. Become more consistent with lateral work. Sometimes Bobby really gets it, sometimes he really doesn't. 
  2. Jump in the indoor. It can be 2' for all I care. I can't take another winter off of jumping. Not practicing--even if the practice isn't the best--is not going to make either one of us better. 
  3. Don't slack on hill work. I have to keep Bobby's hind end working this winter as well. We definitely started off last spring behind the ball. 
"really? winter goals? watch me go lame."


  1. Man your turn out situation sounds amazing!!

    Bahaha that last picture and caption :)

  2. OMG those pink boots are INSANE! Also, totes agree about turnout. Those of us here in the midwest are pretty spoiled with that!

  3. Everyone wants a saddle, ha. Turnout is most important I think, second is a clean stall when the horse is stalled.

  4. Totally not judging, my music ranges from Disney great and Eminem to country and musicals. I rock that much :)

  5. Lol love the last pic, and I agree your turnout is amazing.

  6. I thought of you and Bobby when a friend shared this blogpost on FB: http://leightonfarm.blogspot.com/2013/11/shoeing-technique-for-horses-with-thin.html
    It makes sense to me! I'm all for barefoot, but if at some point barefoot is no longer a viable option for you and Bobby, this might be a better solution...
    I wanted to be a farrier in a past life. Can you tell?

    1. This is vaguely what NF was doing with Bobby's feet. He used the acrylic, but the way he was shaping his feet and shoes was incorrect enough that it obviously proved useless--just more expensive for me!

    2. Sad, sad story. :(
      I'm so glad to see such amazing improvement since you pulled his shoes!

  7. Turnout is so important..you guys are lucky. We have a similar set up.

  8. Fun things to think about. I think my eyes would fall out if I actually saw someone wearing those boots IRL. Love your playlist! Yay for all the things!!

  9. You're definitely not the only one who doesn't listen to music when riding! I find it interferes with my concentration too much, I have too much to think about. Plus it's always nice to listen to the hoof falls, the tail swish, the breathing... that's the music of riding :)


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