Saturday, December 8, 2012

The butt, and nothing but.

Such a highly inappropriate title, but (lol) I had to do it. Bobby had Thursday and Friday off, so I did another dressage school today. Rolling around in the mud for two days is enough of a mental break between rides to do a repeat.

there's a ghost in bobby's stall!
We wandered around the arena for five or ten minutes while the lesson that was running late finished up, and then we walked for another five minutes. We started out with a bunch of trot-walk transitions, really making sure I kept my leg on so he didn't sputter out and die as soon as we dropped down. It took a few tries, but I finally figured out the right mix of leg and seat without confusing the shit out of poor Robert. "Waaalllk....nope, she means trot. Ah! No, she meant walk! WTF?!"

Then I let him choose his own way of going as we made a bunch of figures between the jumps set up. If he wanted to stretch down and out, we did that. If he got distracted or unbalanced, I picked him back up and we went around with more contact.

We finally brought in the canter from the walk (flawless). I made sure to mind my own business with his front half as my tendency to be grabby and pully probably contributes the most to his on-the-forehand way of going. Instead, I really sat back and used my seat and core to try to bring that far away booty into play.

Holy cow, can this mother fucker move.

He is some fancy when let loose without a rider, but today we finally started bringing enough of the pieces together that he gave a glimpse of what it feels like to ride his fancy pants gaits. He was like a friggin' cloud in the front, and I finally understood what people mean when they say his canter "has jump." I may have drooled a little. And then I may have had to take a break in the middle of the arena and hold my side to try not to die from the cramp there. Yeah, about all that sitting trot? We need to do a lot more. My core is pathetic.

After that most uncomfortable break, we went back to the trot--sitting work this time to focus on that uphill carriage. Sooo fancyyyy. He is so getting this, you guys. I know it's mostly to do with my riding, and I don't mean that in a "pat yourself on the back" sort of way. What I mean is, I'm finally starting to really, really focus on my riding more than his way of going, and his way of going is changing because of it.

We only did a few laps of sitting trot because he was so fucking in tune to every little thing, I asked for a leg yield. I made sure to really organize the both of us as we turned down the quarterline, making sure to keep him straight as his shoulders really like to bulge. I wasn't ready to ask until E, but when I did, he did the dreamiest leg yield I have ever ridden on any horse. I watched us in the mirror as we slipped back onto the rail and I couldn't bring him back to the walk fast enough before throwing my arms around his neck.

You could not have whiped that silly grin off my face for anything.


  1. WOOP WOOP! So happy for you sounds like you had an amazing ride, you should be so proud of yourself you've done really well :)

  2. Sounds amazing :) Rides like that give you such a high!! Sounds like you guys are really doing very well.

  3. Awesome!! Sounds like so much fun. :)

  4. Exciting progress! So happy it is all coming together for you two :)

  5. See, dressage can be fun when get you in the zone!!! So many people hate dressage but they just haven't had light bulb moments like you had with Bobby!! I bet he is going to be a rockstar.


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