Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Days

For once, we actually got hit with the Mega Storm that everyone usually overreacts to. Snow wasn't supposed to start on Wednesday until 3pm at the earliest, so I went out to the barn around 11:30. There was a make-up lesson going on so I was kind of limited in what I got to do, but we jumped around 2'6 a bit on a circle and coming off the rail on an angle. Olivia and I were tooling around, making fun of Kidd and Bobby, and we looked out of the arena and commented on how pretty the flurries were. Well, by the time I got done riding, the little flurries were an inch of snow and they were coming down like crazy.

"stop trying to take my picture, you nut job, and put me back in my stall."
I quickly took care of Bobby and got in my car. The driveway out of the barn is uphill and I have to make a left uphill to get home. The Saturn made it out of the driveway....and then slid allll the way over into the side of the hill and started going backwards. Awesome. Saturn, you are such an off-roader! I spun the wheel and just let the poor piece of shit slide right back into the barn drive.

I ran up to the house to use BO's phone (because of course I have no service anywhere) and put in an S.O.S. to Hubby. He was kind of, sort of, not really close, but he would still come get me. Really, he had no choice. I wandered back down to the barn to help BM with chores to keep myself amused. I mucked out the nine stalls that needed to get done in the time it took her to turn horses in and out. Then we spent five minutes throwing hay in stalls, dumping buckets, and sweeping. And then there was nothing left to do, and it was only 3pm. So we amused ourselves waiting for Hubby to get there (an hour and a half after I called him and he wasn't anywhere close).

Me: Let's clean the tack room.

BM: Let's put a blanket on this horse. Hmm. She's wet.
Me: That's okay! We'll towel her dry!

BM:We can give the horses in the hole some more hay...

nom nom.
Me: We should get a sled and pull people around the outdoor with one of the horses.

BM: I wonder who that girl was.

Me: How long do you think it will take Hubby to get here?

BM: LOL, look at Cielo play with her tongue.

Me: So what did you get for Christmas?

BM: Let's put blankets on all the horses!

Me: Hey, what are in all these boxes?

Me: Does this look like driving tack?

So. Bored. Finally, around 4:30, Hubby pulled in and we spent the next hour driving home at 20mph. Yay, winter!

poor little car.
Hubby dropped me off yesterday afternoon and I pulled Bobby out of his paddock for a quick dressage school. He was a bit of a brat warming up, but he's a bit of a brat warming up 99.9% of the time. He finally settled into work and we had some fun cantering 10 meter circles and avoiding collisions with people that were paying no attention to where they were going.

Today, the arena was free of jumps, poles, and people so I had to take advantage and do another dressage school. Also, it was cold and I didn't feel like setting anything up. So. Lazy.

This was a bad idea. Bobby has appreciated his "no repeats" rides and he was not feeling another dressage work out. Sorry, dude. I didn't even mess with really getting him going like a dressage horse. We ran through some relatively fun exercises at all three gaits, and while tooling around at the canter, I decided to test his flying changes. Every now and then I get the urge because I know they exist inside his giant buffoon body. Today, they were there for the taking! He got five out of the five I asked for without a late change behind or anything. Yay, Robert! Of course, his canter afterwards was atrocious, but we'll get there.

I moved on to cantering him in and out of a spiraling circle which he was doing very well with. We went to go across the diagnol with a simple change and I felt something bump my leg.

minor tack malfunction. no bigs.
What the fuck, right?!

Apparently I need to check my girth five times, and not the four times I check it before doing any sort of work. I mean, really. That's just ridiculous. I ended up just cooling him out bareback.

Here is the beast one month ago, after a month of vacation:

Here he is today, after a month of being back in work:

best clip job ever.
I don't know why he looks ribby. He's not. He has, however, lost the hay belly.

"pretty sure i heard a cookie. no? pretty sure you
should give me one anyway."


  1. d'awwww, love his winter nose.

  2. I absolutely love winter (when my snow tires are on the car) and winter riding. If theres enough snow, it makes falling off almost fun (almost). Like falling into a pillow...not that I have plenty of experience in that department :P

    P.S. My mare looks ribby right now, even though she's not. Pretty sure that TB's must always have an air of skinny-ness about them, even if they aren't.

  3. He has such a cute face! The weather sounds awful!
    At least you have an indoor arena to ride in - no such luck here.

  4. He is too cute! I got stuck in a rut today at my barn and had to be pushed out by two guys. Oh snow. i like it for about a minute, then I'm over it. Especially if I have to drive in it.

  5. He looks so much more muscley if thats a word! He has a really cute face! Not good to hear about the weather and your poor car though!


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