Monday, December 3, 2012


Fail on the not doing two things in a row. Hubby asked if we were going to jump, so I was like, "Eh, sure." We started off trotting the little X down the long side. I think this will be a fun, easy "jumping" exercise to do during the winter. Definitely with trot poles added to the approach though. Bobby was fine trotting around until we turned in and he saw the fence. Then he started sucking back which made me add leg which made him canter. Sneaky boy. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but we did get a few nice trot in (all the way in), canter out rounds.

I had Hubby make the X a small 2' oxer.


We did it twice from the canter, neither time being particularly good. Fortunately, I had inadvertently set the groundwork earlier on over the X to trot in to a fence. I am such a genius. Even if it's accidently.


Without trot poles in, it wasn't exactly a real trot fence, but close enough that he was jumping politely. I had Hubby put it up to 2'6 and we cantered in.


Nothing crazy. Not out of this world good, nor out of this world bad. That is until the next time around...


Only Bobby.

I saw as soon as we turned in that we weren't going to get an ideal distance so I just sat back and let him figure it out, knowing he wasn't going to throw on the brakes. I'm not sure what it actually turned into.

Frame by frame:

Oh, Robert. Way to make me humble. "He is so easy and classy to jump!" "But sometimes he has these baby horsie moments that really make you cringe. Oh, and did I say easy? Uh...strike that."

We went over once more without issue and called it quits. Fortunately, it was still relatively cool outside (as in, no summer weather like yesterday and today) and we'd only ridden for twenty minutes so he took almost no cooling out time.


  1. Officially the most awkward jump ever! Way to ride it, girl.

  2. Bahahha! Oh dear. At least he still made it over! And well sat!

  3. take the bad with the guys are fun :)


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