Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Dear Bobby,

I'll show you some.

Three things to note:
  1. I measured the distances! I need you guys to follow me around to keep me honest. I pulled out my 100' measuring tape wheel thing and all. Bobby thanks you.
  2. In regards to cantering into the bounces: I don't know if that's frowned upon or not. I tried to trot in. Bobby ended up in between the first and second bounces at a halt. And then he walked/ hopped over the next two before calmly trotting out over the oxer that was, at that point, still just poles at the ground. I sat there trying to figure out what the hell he was doing. So we stuck to cantering. He did fine.
  3. You may be wondering what happened to 3'3 in the video. I'll tell you. I accidently put two 3' jumps in and I could only figure out how to delete the second 3'. I couldn't stick the 3'3 in the middle like I wanted; it only wanted to go at the end. In the throes of surfing the crimson wave (Come on! I know some of you have seen Clueless!), I stopped trying so that my computer was saved from being thrown across the room.


  1. Cantering into a line of bounces is just more challenging...less room for error if you screw up the distance. As long as you can safely do it, I don't see why people would frown upon it.
    Oh, and in general you have to set the first bounce to 9' if you're trotting in.

    Hope I didn't completely misinterpret what you were saying!

    1. Good to know! The bounces were set at 11' (the jumps were only 2'), so I guess it worked out better that I cantered in anyway.

  2. You guys look awesome!! Way to go. :)

  3. Ya! You guys look totally on the mark! I am so happy you measured your distances :).

    Cantering is fine, just make sure you ride the pattern.

    The last lady I took a clinic with had some good advice; always scope out your line and whatever it is - you ride it that way. So if it's a bounce bounce two stride - then you focus on riding bounce bounce two stride. Likewise, you can use a placing pole, or just poles on the ground but ride them like they are fences for the same effect. So a placing pole would be a bounce's interesting but it does help. You guys nailed that pattern.

  4. you two look amazing together, loved the video :D

  5. looking awesome! go Bobby and Carly!

  6. Yay! You guys are so awesome :)

  7. He loves those bigger fences!! He's a jumping beast. Keep up the videos!!


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