Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Despite spending Christmas alone this year, I still managed to pull in some good loot. So here's my completely pointless, selfish post-Christmas present list:

As I wrote before, my mom paid for Bobby's ulcer meds over Thanksgiving and they arrived Christmas Eve. It was perfect timing, making it feel like a true Christmas present.

Also from my mom, I got a Kindle. Not a fancy one, so don't get too jealous. I didn't think I'd like it or even use it, but I'm a little bit obsessed with it now.

From Hubby, I got my first pair of new breeches since I was thirteen. Thirteen! I have no fucking clue how my ass still fits in my early teenage years breeches, but they do. They're Horze brand, they're awesome, and they're grown up sized. Whaaat! Also, they're black because next year we are classing shit up and changing my colors to black and white. My six year old blue and gold racing vest is getting retired (probably sold) and a black Tipperary is on the list.

From my padre, I ordered a helmet cam! I am taking your media experience to a whole new level next year, readers! It's currently back ordered, but I cannot wait to get my hands on it and play with it.

And finally, from my Granny and Paw Paw (I grew up in the south, and they're from Texas. Don't hate.), I got enough money to schedule my first driving lesson. I still want to teach Bobby to drive. Just because. BO and I talked about it Sunday and set a game plan, money permitting. First lesson will hopefully be some time next week and she'll run through the basics with me and teach me how to drive Star. Yesssss!

So what did you guys get? Or should I ask, what did your horses get?


  1. Yay for driving! It is so much fun! You got some pretty cool stuff. I got nothing horsey (family is so not horsey). But some money to buy horsey things and an Amazon gift card for my Kindle. I want a helmet cam so bad! Can't wait to see those videos!

  2. Jealous over that Kindle - fancy or not :) Those breeches look comfty - yeah for fab husbands! Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

  3. I love everything that you have got especially the helmet cam that is just so cool! So jealous over the kindle I keep thinking about one but I have the kindle app on my mac instead! The breeches look really comfy I just love horze Stuff! Bet you can't wait to start the driving. I got some horse stuff for when I have my own horse, eg. lead ropes, the things you could buy without having a horse. Then some jewellery and money towards my horse!

  4. Helmet cam videos are gonna be so cool! I'd get one but it would be like "oh here we are walking down a gravel road in North Dakota. There is a soybean field on the right and a corn field on the left." I have a kindle, not a real fancy one, and I love it...for games...Hubbys got the fancy one, and I think he mostly watches netflix on it.

    as for the gifts for the horses, I got a gift card to go and get a big gate for our front paddock. I can't wait to have a real gate and not have use one of the pickups and some lunge lines anymore. Even though I do love looking like a hillbilly family...

    And to continue on the super long post. We were told that we can take the pony carts and horse carts from my hubby's grandmas farm when we want them. And I'm sure any of the harnesses we want too. Look who is going to ALSO be learing to drive!!

  5. I love getting horsey gifts, they are just so darned useful.

    I'm excited to hear how the driving goes. I'm kind of harbouring the want to teach my mare how to drive, and then pull a sleigh, but I think she's too tiny.

    P.S. Majorly impressed at how durable your breeches were. I'm lucky if I get 3 years out of a pair.

  6. Wow!! How cool :) Especially the helmet cam!

  7. Nice loot! I want a helmet cam! Can't wait to see that! Huer got a Likit and extra Likit refills in addition to training rides this week.

  8. Oooh a helmet cam! Fun! Todd was looking at those too... next year, maybe.

    It seems I used the same title for my recent blog post. Oops!

  9. Henry got hooked up! LOL

    yay for a helmet cam.. can't wait to see video!

  10. I want a helmet cam AND somehow a camera to just record us ALL the time we ride!! LOL
    Yea for all your and Bobby's xmas goodies!!!

  11. Helmet cam - so awesome...same with ulcer meds!


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