Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching Up.

Urhg, I guess I should write some sort of update eventually. Those posts on the year in review and goals? Scheduled. This week will be better!

On Friday, Sarah and I set up a mid-morning riding date. I speed tacked Bobby and was just walking out of the barn when the farrier told me he was going to get done. Balls! Fortunately, he said he had another horse to do so I promised I'd make it a quick ride. We set up three bounces and an X to warm up over.

Bobby left out an entire stride over the X the first time and pulled the reins literally right out of my hands. Note to self: If you're going to jump in the Micklem, switch reins. My jumping reins are about ten times longer. We trotted it a few times, then cantered a few times before doing the bounces.

It was my first time doing bouinces with him, but I do believe Lillian has done them with him before. Regardless, he was a good pony. Maybe this week I'll set up a jump at the end of them. Anything to stop the rushing! I only rode for about twenty minutes before we called it quits and headed in for new toes.

waiting for our turn.
This is the first time I've actually been able to talk to the NF since the first time he did Robert. He said he hoped by spring Bobby would have a better foot to work with, and maybe in a year or two, he'd have a really good foot. Poor princess toes. We talked about him slipping and how he's been off and on about changing behind at the canter. NF thought the swapping might be because of how crushed his heels are behind and in the deep footing of our arenas, he's having trouble keeping up with himself. He also drilled for studs in the front. (He has borium behind.) So Bobby got some bling up front:

On Saturday, I convinced Hubby to stick around for a dressage school video shoot. Bobby had some good moments, but our ride was mostly stop and go for various reasons, and Bobby does not do well with that kind of work. He got progressively tenser as we went on, but overall it wasn't a bad ride.

Now some of you may be thinking, "This is the fancy dressage work you've been talking about?! My horse rides like that in his sleep." Well, let me remind you all of what we were working with this spring:

He looks downright fancy now, doesn't he? (Although I look like I'm dancing a jig at the canter.) Of course, no Bobby ride would ever be complete without a little bit of this:

drama llama.
On Sunday, we went on our weekly trail ride. I think the main issue with Robert's hind end is that it's weak again. He was having a lot of diffuculty trotting uphill, much like he was at the beginning of the year when his fitness level was negative zero. He gets turned out on the side of a big hill, but the month off of him not toting my ass up and down such things did him no favors. So now we're back at square one, but I now I have something to work on. More butt work!

We took a different route on the way home that involved some longer hills and a little bit of road riding, and Bobby was a champ. I went out determined to have a quiet, drama free ride and Bobby fed off of that and marched along. That is until we got to the final path home where he had his temper tantrum with Tyler last weekend.

I let him canter up super steep hills, so he tried to take advantage of that and canter up the little ledge that he usually walks up. I said no so he came back to the walk for about three steps before spinning around to face the opposite direction. I just sat there without doing anything and he stopped and looked back at me like, "Aren't you going to try to turn me around?" Nope. We can stand here allll day if you want to. After a few minutes of gnawing on the bit and giving me the dirty eye, he started running backwards. "Fine. Let's play this game instead!" Go ahead Bobby. We can walk backwards all the way to the barn. He took about 6 or 7 steps before realizing I wasn't going to rise to that naughtiness either. He heaved a massive sigh and turned himself around and we walked back on the buckle. Nipped that in the bud, brat.



  1. Those dressage videos are night and day; he's definitely improved in leaps and bounds. Despite the tension you mentioned he looks pretty forward an happy, and I spied some very nice transitions :D

  2. I loved looking at the video's he has improved so much!

  3. Your bounces seem a little long? I vote yes to either putting the jumps up or shortening them a little.

    Yay for progress in dressage!

    1. Welllll that might be because we didn't actually even bother to walk them out because we were trying to make it quick, lol. Fail. Next time I set them up, I'll bring them in!

  4. You guys have improved heaps.
    Great videos :)

  5. Much improvement...looking good.

    Number one rule when jumping - always measure your distances. Nothing gained from bad distances and could be confidence shattering in some instances. Off my soapbox now!

  6. He looks great! What a fancy pants :P

  7. voted!
    And he looks awesome! Really fancy and better yet, totally engaged and using his body! :)

  8. I think you look fantastic even if I didn't see the before. Go Bobby!!!


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