Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saddle sores

I went to the barn to give both boys a crash course in hunter riding--canter to walk, counter canter, etc. I gave Bobby a killer grooming, and as I was currying him, I saw a monster sore on his withers on the left side. I don't think it was from CL's dressage saddle from Tuesday, but I didn't notice anything after I groomed him from our trail ride yesterday either. It has to be from the saddle sliding around. I've never had a horse with a saddle sore before; I'm going to have to do some research. I put some silver sulfadiazione (haha, I have no idea how to spell that) on it and I'll give him off as long as he needs to get it healed. I'll still take him to the show Sunday to walk him around and see how he does, but he's off the roster.

I went straight to torturing Red. I did lots of walk to halt transitions, then trot to walk. I also made him go in and out and around and diagnol and everything else around all the poles set together on the ground. It was a good bendy exercise and a good control exercies in the egg butt I switched him to.

Then, I worked at the canter. His canter was AMAZING....for a pukey hunter. He just poked along at an even, slow pace. Then I had to start the canter to walk transitions. We did dozens of them in each direction with pretty good success towards the end, then moved on to counter canter. I tried to start him on the right lead, then switch him across the arena and get him to keep the right lead going to the left, but as soon as he got to the corner, he switched back over...which of course is what I've been telling him to do. I didn't fight with him too much since we'd had a loooong work with canter-walk. Then we stood in the center like a line up and backed up a few steps. He's a pro at that.

Some of the problems: After we did a few short canter to walk transitions in a row, he would anticipate going back up in the canter. So I would do a small circle on the rail until he was walking nicely again. Going to the right, he was bending the wrong way so I did a small circle over and over again until he got his bend back. The counter canter only worked once for one long side of the arena. Hopefully we're not asked to do it to the left.

After, I gave him a nice scrub down, rubbed his legs down really, really good with linament and wrapped them, and while rubbing down his top line with the linament, I saw a tiny saddle sore starting to form on the right side!! What. The. Fuck. So I'm going to the tack store tomorrow and spending Bobby's entry fees on a good half pad to hopefully boost up and pad down the saddles enough to make them usuable until I can afford a nice, obviously better fitting saddle.

I hope everyone is safe with these storms ripping through! We got a tornado in Scranton--about 45 minutes away, and horrible thunderstorms here in Danville early this morning. But it cleared out to a gorgeous day, and the wind dried the arena out to the best it's been yet!

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