Friday, April 29, 2011

It's here!

My breastplate finally came! And it's lovely! It doesn't match either one of my saddles currently, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to get a really nice saddle at the end of the year that I can match my million pieces of tack to. Unfortunately, it didn't come until after I went to the barn so no pictures of it adorning the stallions until tomorrow.

I gave Bobby's mystery sores a more thorough looksie today. There is no way my saddle could have caused them. I put it in all different positions that it could have slid to while I was riding, but unless he dropped his head to the ground and it slid four to six inches UP his neck, it just can't be from that. However, once I put the saddle pad on, it looks like the saddle pad could have been on too high up and that either caused the rubbing by itself, or his mane far back on his withers got stuck under the pad and rubbed it. I put Tri-care on it today, and I'll keep using that. It's like Neosporin on steroids.

I lunged both boys for about ten minutes w/t/c each way, then put them both out in the paddock to graze while I cleaned tack and reorganized my tack box yet again.

I decided not to take the boys to the hunter show Sunday. It would have been great experience for Bobby to show in for greenies, but I had a long talk with myself and my ultimate goal is to event this year. That is what I want to do more than hunter/jumper shows. So I'm taking both boys to Round the Bend Farm in Pottstown Sunday instead. Bobby will get a lesson in tying to the trailer in a nice, quiet setting, and Red will get to school. I'm happy with my choice. I like ribbons, but I really want to event!

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