Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Horse trailer!

Ok, it's not totally official, but.....we bought a horse trailer!!!! Hubby was out on a run to one of his client's who is also one of his friend's, and they have a horse trailer parked in their yard (it's a dairy farm, with some of the cutest brown swiss ever seen). So Hubby asked about it and Aaron (the friend who runs/owns the farm) said it was his dad's and they really want to get rid of it. So Hubby took a look at it and called me to see if it was somethind I'd be interested in. Well, duh! Hubby called Aaron back and he said his dad would sell it for.....$275! Hell yes!

We went down to look at it last night. It a 2 horse straight load bumper pull step up which is exactly what I wanted. It needs work. It needs a new wood floor (should be fairly easy and cheap, and it has some decent mats in it), and clip or something besides a ratchet strap to keep the back door closed (also should be easy and cheap--just some hardware screwed in. The hinges are in great shape on it.), some metal replaced around the blue panel (see picture. We'll probably back it with wood on the inside of the trailer, then put metal flashing on the outside and paint it--both cheap things.), and some rust grinded off for new paint (actually not alot of rust and paint for it will be the last thing. We'll probably use spray paint.).

It sounds like alot of work, but for so cheap, we'll be able to make some really solid repairs to it with the extra money we were going to put aside for it, as opposed to an $800 trailer that we would only have $100-ish dollars to put towards it.

Overall, though, it's registered, has a title, and is inspected through July. They had it on the road last September and all the lights worked on it. It is kind of narrow (only 5'3" wide), but I won't be hauling Red and Bobby together anyway. If we do, it will only be a short distance to take them trail riding or if we ever move to a new barn. I'm going to measure Bobby today height-wise, just to double check he fits before we commit, and I'll also measure Red and Bobby's booties to see if they even would fit in together.

Here it is:

I'll take before and after pictures if we end up with it!

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