Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ohhh, Victory Canter....

So I get an email from UPS yesterday saying that my breastplate is due to ship. Obviously, I'm assuming that it's the Kincade breastplate that I switched my order over to since VC was having such issues with the Camelot breastplate. Then, today, I get and email from VC themselves saying that my Camelot breastplate has shipped. Uh....what? Now I know these are both cheap-o pieces of tack, and at least they're finally coming, but how unprofessional. Hopefully I'll see one or the other within a week...or two. After all, it's been FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS since I first ordered the stupid thing!

I was going to show Bobby at a little local show here in Danville, but when CL's trainer came for CL's daughter's lesson on Bobby on Tuesday, we were talking about hunter shows around here and she told me about the Williamsport Riding Club. So I'm going to take both Bobby and Red there Sunday instead. It's a hunter schooling show. Bobby will do the two Easy Does It Hunter Over Fences classes. They're max height of 2' so he shouldn't have any problems. I didn't want to enter him in the flat since it's cantering, and I'd rather not waste $15 when he won't get a ribbon.

Red will do the Schooling Hunter classes (2 over fences, one flat) and the Adult Medal Eq class. I'd show him in the Pre-Hunter division, too, but I don't have the money for it. I think 2'6 will be a good height to bring him back into showing at. It's something we're both confident over.

Gahh, I'm kind of nervous. I haven't shown in a few years! I'll be fine once I get in the arena, and it's just a schooling local show so I seriously doubt the course will be anything crazy to remember.

Now for riding catch-up. Tuesday, I gave Red a really killer flat work. I kicked his ass on leg yields and bending. He tends to lose impulsion when he bends and I kind of let him get away with it. But I really got after him and he was finally resigning himself to it at the end. Then, I was making him leg yield over to a ground pole, then straightening out to go over it. He was great at the walk, though I kind of had to catch him with my outside leg because he wanted to go all the way over. He wasn't quite as bendy to the right at the trot, but he knew the exercise so he got over well enough. Then, we did spiraling circles at the canter each way. He was kind of sticky to the right, but he started bending great quickly. It was 82 by the time I got to the barn at 10, so needless to say he was one hot pony.

I lunged Bobby at w/t with side reins on and he went along like a pokey hunter pony. Which I guess should bode him well on Sunday. Soooo long, eventing dreams! No, I'm still holding out hope. I also ponied CL's friend's naughty Arab mare that is always ridden in draw reins per the request of the friend. She was surprisingly well behaved. We walked and trotted each direction for about ten minutes each.

I came back later for CL's daughter, Emily, to have her lesson with CL's friend's daughter, Madison. Madison went out to lunge the crazy Arab, Eve, while Emily groomed and tacked up Bobby. She hadn't done any riding since last fall, and didn't know how to put the bridle on or anything. So the trainer showed her how to do it, and Bobby stood there with his head on the ground while they took it on and off.

They did alot of walking and trotting, and finished off the lesson trotting some ground poles. Bobby was a super star. He poked along doing whatever Emily asked, and never once even thought about being naughty or misbehaving. I'm hoping by the end of this year, I'll have him cantering great, showing 2'3" - 2'6" hunters, and having done one or two BN events. I think I'll be able to sell him for around $8,000 if I can get him doing all of that reliably, especially since I'll be able to market him as an advanced beginner "packer".

Yesterday, the road to the barn  was even more flooded than ever so I decided to take the boys for a "swim". I ponied Red out there, trotting the whole way out through the gamelands (ohh, my aching knees!) then walked them down the road to the lake.

Bobby wasn't so sure he wanted to go in, but Red practially dragged us in after him. Red LOVES water when a) he isn't being ridden, and b) when he he's got another pony to splash around in it with him. He kept sticking his nose under water and blowing bubbles and splashing with his legs. Bobby stuck his nose in a couple times, but he mostly just stood there watching Red play.

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