Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No barn, but pony work

I finished the second and final coat of blue on the trailer. It's really windy out, so I'm hoping it dries fast enough. I came inside when I felt a few raindrops, but the sun's already trying to come back out. I put some more yellow on the middle panel. That yellow is a pain in the giant ass. It runs like crazy, but you have to keep going over it again and again to cover up the blue underneath it. I'll just have to be patient and persistent I guess, which I'm not very good at. Hubby needs to finish grinding off the rust on the middle panel and the roof so I can paint while he's at work. I want this thing finished by this weekend so it can move from my backyard.

I didn't go out to the barn today because I'm kind of Fran burned out. Ok, I'm really Fran burned out. She kept texting me today and I just wanted to chuck my phone across the room. Leave me alone! It's your horse, your decision. It's like she wants someone to come up to her and offer to take Pick off her hands and keep paying his vet bills. The horse isn't necessarily miserable and tired of life, but she can't afford to keep putting money into him, and he's never going to be able to get ridden again. No one is going to want to take him, and it's not fair to dump a horse like that on a rescue--especially when he's downright mean. Put the horse down. He's had a great four months after a horrible year. Let him go on a good note.

I emailed a woman in Millville about a barn. It's Frosty Oaks Stables. She said she should have openings in May or early summer. The info on equinenow said board was $200. I emailed her back to see if we could come out to look at the place. I hope it actually is $200 and it's nice. I want a barn with jumps and a dragged arena!!

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