Monday, April 4, 2011

Broken Bobby and Clean Red

I dropped Hubby's little bro off halfway to NY this morning. Amazingly, his mom was there on time, but we were almost an hour late. Yeah, Hubs, Williamsport may be an hour from Mansfield, but we don't live in Williamsport! We live forty minutes away. Plus, it was ridiculously windy out this morning and the car was blwoing all over the road so we were taking it slow anyway. But it went smoothly with the exception of being so late.

Went down to the barn on the way home, debating whether or not to get on one of the ponies. I was going to give Bobby a bath and ride Red, but since it had rained last night I figured the gameland's footing would be relatively forgiving and I could take Bobby out there for an easy work before I passed out from sleep deprivation. So I gave Red a quick cold water bath. The barn does have hot water, but it was either turned off or something because it was fuh-reezing! Fortunately, it was 55 in the barn and around the same outside. I know some people won't give baths without hot water unless it's at least 60, but I don't think it makes much of a difference. He had a cooler on, he was in a closed up barn with no drafts coming in, and he had a ton of hay. I got a ton of dirt and loose hair off of him, scrubbed his stripe so it was shiny white, and conditioned his tail.

Took Bobby out and put him on crossties. I gave him a killer grooming and got a lot more hair off of him, then checked his legs and found a teeny-tiny bit of heat in his LF ankle. This is the first leg haet he's had since I've gotten him, even with some strong works. He might have just tweaked it a little in the bad footing yesterday. Having dealt with Red's multiple broken legs, I whisked Bobby off to the wash stall for some serious cold hosing. He stood there totally calm with the leadrope over his neck getting hosed down; clearly, he's used to having his injuries babied. I found some Absorbine linament buried behind the hundred bottles of shampoo in the washstall and made off with it. It was almost gone anyway, and it was covered in grime; I figured I'd put it to good use so it didn't feel forgotten. I rubbed it into Bobby's stifles really well, then wrapped his front legs with rubbing alcohol. There wasn't any heat or swelling after 15 minutes of hosing, so I think he'll be fine for some easy work tomorrow and back to schedule Wednesday--which is also Red's birthday!

Driving home, my hands were nice and cool and tingly from the liniment. It's definitely something I'll finish off and either buy a new bottle of or get some Green Jelly for his stifles. Also, once the Biotin Plus is done with, I'm going to switch him over to B-L Joint Formula. It's cheap, and it got great reviews on SmartPak. I don't see the Biotin doing much and he's been on it of four months now. If he's going to have to get shoes anyway, I'll just have to maintain his feet with good farrier work instead of a maybe-working supplement.

I got an email from Victory Canter yesterday saying their Camelot breastplates are out of stock and it will be two weeks until they'll be able to send me one. They offered to ship a Kincade breastplate instead, but the Kincade doesn't come in black, so I told them I would wait. I've gone this long without one, I can wait a little longer.

I also put an ad up on craigslist looking for a trailer in my very tiny price range. I had a woman email me from the MD/PA border with a 1990 Shoop 2 horse trailer BP for $800. It needs a title, new floor, and some paint work (nothing crazy, just a little cosmetic rust on black paint). Definitely interested and if the hay check comes this week, we'll probably drive down to check it out. Today, I also got an email from someone much closer to us with a 2 horse BP that needs a spring fixed on the ramp, but is otherwise good. It's $900, but the woman said it was a little small, so I asked her if she thought it would accomodate 17hh Bobby, and if she thought so, to send some pictures. Things is looking up!

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