Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lazy spa day

Well, maybe the title isn't totally appopriate. Red is still dirty from his arena roll, but Bobby got very well taken care of. Hubby's youngest brother, who's 12, is out for the weekend. We took him out to fish at the gamelands but were catching nothing, so I left Hubby and little bro out to fish while I took Bobby for a gallop. Met them out there and let Bobby graze for a little bit, then threw little bro up to play around with him.

what a good pony!
He galloped out pretty good and strong on the way out, and on the way back to the barn, he took off with me in the last field! I brought him back pretty quickly and he was fine the rest of the way, but he was rolling! Gave him a good rub down, packed his feet, and gave him a dose of Conquer since the ground was pretty hard and he went along at a really good clip. Loaded his stall with hay up to his ears, gave Red just as much, and gave them both lots of cookies.

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