Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've been a lazy blogger.

I've been lazy blogging, but only because I've been busy with everything else. This is going to be a picture-heavy blog, because I'm still too lazy to type.

Hubby had to work Saturday morning, so I went down to the barn to amuse myself before we could go pick up the trailer. Fran was there, and yikes, was Pick's leg worse. It had bowed and was leaking orange-ish fluid. New vet came out to xray (which were clean) and thought he might have bowed the tendon due to an old injury. He said he's be back Monday to ultra sound.

Hubby and I went out to grab the trailer. One tail light was burned out, and one tire probably needs to be replaced before we do any crazy hauling, but besides beauty work, it's actually pretty ready to roll.

We replaced the two outside boards on the floor since the rest were solid. We put in a new light, grinded off all the rust, and put the first coat of blue paint on the bottom half. We also got some yellow on the previously blue panel, but it needs Bondo on the rusted through parts. We also replaced the latch on the back door and bought a new light for the license plate.

Sunday, Fran texted me that the lump on Pick's leg had exploded and was pouring fluid. The vet said he would be ok until he got out there Monday. Yesterday, the leg wasn't leaking anymore, but there was a huge hole in his leg. I haven't heard the full story on the diagnosis, but she texted me that he wasn't going to recover from it, and she was most likly putting him down this week.

To get further into her being a bit of an idiot.....or maybe not just thinking before acting?......I had Red out grazing in the hayfield after his bath. She took the lead rope OFF OF Pick while he was grazing! She put it back on to lead him over closer TO THE ROAD (where admittably Red was standing, but he was on the friggin lead rope!). A motorcycle went by and Pick started squealing and bucking. Fran was laughing at him, then TOOK HIM OFF THE LEAD AGAIN. But it doesn't end there! "Hahahaaha, soooo funny that my injured horse is being retarded and isn't even supposed to be walked, so let me charge him so he TAKES OFF ACROSS THE FIELD." Hilarious. Not.

Anyway. I took Bobby out to the usual since, though it was 80 and semi-sunny at times, it keeps raining and raining and raining and nothing can dry out. Ugh. I trotted the entire way out and fast cantered/slow galloped the whole way back. I had my vest on and, dang was I sweaty. Bobby and I could have had a competition on who was dripping more. Yuck. I downed a Powerade and Bobby got a loooong cool off and a bath.

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