Thursday, May 7, 2015

Costume Creations: Native American War Horse

I did this "costume" back in the very beginning of April, but I felt like I was kind of inundating the blog with Bobby costumes so I never got around to posting it. It worked it just fine though as Bobby has today off, and now I have the perfect filler post.

I did my research for this one; I didn't want to just paint a bunch of silly symbols on my horse and inevitably insult someone. I bought a six pack of washable paint at Michael's and a package of spongy paint brushes at the dollar store. Both were a big fat fucking fail.

The paint brushes were essentially useless. What little paint that didn't get immediately absorbed by them just got smeared when I tried to apply it to Bobby. I ended up dumping big globs onto a piece of paper and hand painting it on. This was particularly fun when the shavings guy walked in to leave a payment slip and I was crouched in front of my horse with blue paint dripping down my arm.

Don't judge me, shavings guy. Just write it off as Crazy Horse Girl behavior and move along.

I took Bobby up to the outdoor for the photo shoot prepared with a longe whip, knowing full well my horse doesn't really do the at liberty frolic most freed Thoroughbreds participate in. I ran around almost as much as he did, and he still managed to get away with trotting most of the time.

Here's a rundown of what Bobby ended up decked out in to make him the most bad ass war horse around:

Green paint is a symbol of endurance and healing power, and painting the circles around the horse's eyes in green is thought to improve vision.

(i forgot to wash these off for days and kept thinking my horse was bleeding whenever i saw him)

Red paint symbolizes all the beast mode attributes: war, strength, energy, and power. Hand prints on the horse's chest meant your horse is the ultimate bad ass and knocked down an enemy in battle.

Blue paint is for wisdom and confidence (one of those things Bobby is lacking, and I'll let you guys guess which it is...). The lightning arrow--which that obviously is--is a sign of swiftness. Fastest racehorse ever? He needs ALL the lightning arrows!

A left hand print on the horse's right hip is the highest honor. It meant the horse brought its rider back from a dangerous mission.

These are clearly hoof prints painted in black for fucking victory. Every picture I saw had them painted like this so leave my artistic skills alone. Each hoof print is for an animal taken in a raid. Bobby got three because he had three pasture mates.

Did I take them in a raid?


White is the color of mourning or peace, meant to represent peace here. Because only his shoulder is interested in being friendly. The rest is ready to fuck shit up. These arrows are for protection. "Please don't go all San Domingo, Medicine Hat Stallion and shoot my horse in the shoulder, you know what I'm saying?

Yellow stands for a few things: death, bravery, and that you're willing to fight to the death. I'm not, my horse is not, but it felt like a good color for our "lightning bolt" (okay, you can make fun of my artistic skills on that one) which adds power and speed.

He also had blue thunder stripes on his front legs which didn't come out in the slightest, and apparently I didn't write down what they meant anyway. More being a boss, no doubt.

So there you go! Your totally random history lesson for the day!


  1. Love it! Bobby is the best warhorse EVAR!

  2. Love it... we should all incorporate these as appropriate into our clip jobs next winter :)

  3. Hahah I adore this! I laughed so hard at "the rest is ready to fuck shit up"

  4. Well done!! Love the reference to San Domingo!
    Also - you make me laugh so hard (laughed too at "the rest is ready to fuck shit up.")

  5. I want to do this so badly!!! I'll probably just do a perfect imitation and route people here.

  6. Bad Ass War Horse Bobby! Love it!

  7. this is amazing! i'm pretty sure my mare would murder me if i tried to paint her... but bobby just looks like a boss all 'tatted' up haha

  8. This is fantastic!

  9. Hahahah love it! Any particular tribal reference, out of curiosity?

  10. I LOVE that you did your research with this one. I have my degree in Anthropology and was always fascinated by horses in different culture. The significance of all these different symbols makes Bobby even MORE bad-ass! #howisthatpossible #idonotknow

  11. A little paint turned present day Bobby into BAD ASS WARRIOR ROBERTO. Thanks for the history lesson too!

  12. Very informative. Way to be a warrior Bobby!


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