Friday, May 1, 2015

April Review, May Goals

April Review:

1. Find a barn to move Bobby to. Obviously we accomplished this as he isn't living in a cardboard box on the side of the road somewhere. Although I'm sure he'd be okay with that as long as passersby gave him cookies.

2. Locate a place to school cross country. There are a few scheduled schooling days at both GVRDC and GVH, so technically yes, I did find a place. However, they're all in the middle of the week in the afternoon, so the real struggle here is going to be finding someone to go with me. I guess I could always just be social and ask a group if I can join them. Ahhhh, being social!!!!

3. Find some viable show options. I found all the viable show options. It's just a matter of picking and choosing what I want to go to at this point. Unfortunately, pretty much everything eventing is recognized around here, and I really wanted to make sure our stadium was solidified before rejoining those ranks. Fortunately, our stadium at home is going pretty well, so maybe we won't be totally overfaced.

i don't know if you guys can fully appreciate his gorgeous neck muscles.
he's always had the skinniest, grossest neck, but it is looking dreamy right now.

May Goals:

1. Set a May-June-July show schedule. I've found I only like to map out my schedule a month or two at a time, but since July is notoriously a slow month anyway for shows, I'll go ahead and stick that on there too.

2. Rediscover Bobby's dressage diva. He was great on the flat over the winter. He seems to have lost his mojo for it a little bit, or else he's redirecting it to being totally amazing over fences. Fine with me! But Bobby's literally never been out of the ribbons after dressage, and I'd like to keep that record going awhile longer.

3. Be a grown up and show by myself without dying. The 9th is my first solo show that involves jumping. I did a gaming show by myself last year, but that didn't involve a phase that my brain notoriously shuts down in. Plus it would be good to haul my new trailer for the first time without killing anyone.

I'm feeling so disjointed and kind of lazy right now that that's all I can come up with.


  1. Those neck muscles are totally gorg.

  2. Bobby's neck & topline look fabulous!

  3. nice goals (and nice neck for Bobby!). good luck showing by yourself too! it's maybe more work than if you had company/moral support.. but totally doable :)

  4. Good luck solo-showing. I think I'll be learning that skill in a month too! Let me in on all your secrets when you find them! lol

  5. Booby looking so shexy!

  6. Great job checking things off the list, and great list for May!!

  7. I bet you're totally going to rock your #3 goal!

  8. Lazy? Those look like good goals to me! Especially the not dying part. I am going to be working on that this weekend.

  9. geez, those re the lazy goals? Wtf does that make the like of me?

  10. Those are great goals! :)

    I hate being social...makes me want to punch people...which kind of defeats the purpose.


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