Friday, May 22, 2015

PWS and the Ten Bajillion Barns

Kind of like Goldilocks, only with horse people instead of bears.

So way more terrifying!

i wish my horse was this cute.
and always came up to me for face rubs.

First off, thank you all for your comments on my post about my horse hating me. It's reassuring to read that some of your horses hate you too you also deal with bratty children as pets. I went out to check on Bobby Wednesday and Thursday which included pulling him out of the field to groom and look over. Both times he halfheartedly played "Catch me if you can!", but in slow motion and without much feeling.

Today I went in armed with crinkling candy wrappers, and while he didn't so much as lift his head at my arrival, at least he stayed put.

large pink-headed mule spotted in the distance
and it's still there when i get to it!

I did an easy w/t/c dressage ride followed by a short walk around on the trails before heading home and furthering my barn search.


I started with a list of six barns and slowly began crossing them off.

Barn One

The exact same distance from my house as my current barn. More jumps, trainer on-site, website says they go to shows, looks like a pretty active place. I'd actually tried to get in contact with them when we were moving up here, but never heard anything back. I called again and left a message. Then I remembered that the girl I met at the CT said she used to board there so I messaged her to ask about it.

Turns out the news on the DL is that the owner/trainer is "downsizing" and most of the boarders are being asked to leave. So strike that one off the list.

text break of the pony with gorgeous skies.

Barn Two

Website looks great. Looks like they're on the same road as Barn One, and then a further google map looksie shows that it's the same address. Uh, what? Same phone number, too. I email them instead and ask about boarding because the facility really does look nice, but haven't heard back from them yet. Also, not sure I want to get caught up in whatever drama is going on with two barns in the same place and one leaving, and who knows what else.

Barn Three

Too expensive, but totally gorgeous. Bummer.

Barn Four

A local event trainer's gorgeous new facility. Not too much farther than current barn. A touch more than I'm willing to pay, but possibly could have made it work if he'd had room. Sadly he's full.

Barn Five

Website looks amazing. Barn online looks amazing. I set up an appointment for this evening, and then drove by it this morning to get a gauge on distance (twice as far as current barn) and to make sure I knew where it was. Facility not quite as pretty as pictured, though the outdoor is filled with a full set of super nice stadium fences. Tons of paddocks, but only three horses turned out as far as I could see--which was pretty much the entire property.

I get home and do a review search out of curiosity.

Uh, no thanks. From lack of care, to lying about farrier appointments and supplements fed, and mostly about how much they never, ever turn horses out, I quickly nixed that idea.

the excuse i gave them for cancelling.

Barn Six

$50 more than current barn, and maybe five to ten minutes further down the road. I've driven by it a few times while on my way to shows or the tack store, but all you can really see from the road is the front paddock--which just so happens to be filled with little cross country jumps. Indoor, outdoor, jumps, they hold a mini hunter pace there a few times a year so I assume plenty of trails, and an on-site trainer.

So I'm waiting for a call back from them to go look this weekend. And hopefully they're not too terribly crazy.

ohhh, robert. those ears.

It's not that I have to be out by the end of the month to protect my horse or anything. Like I've said, there's really nothing wrong with the barn I'm at now--it's just not the right fit for me. Is it so wrong to want pony friends?!


  1. Ah yes, the joys of barn hunting. Hope it goes great at Barn 6 or that Barn 4 gets an opening pronto!

  2. Nothing wrong with pony friends! Good luck with the barn search, hope the right place comes along very soon. Wish you still had Great Vista on the calendar - I would have loved to meet you and Bobby. My barn will be at Stuart and GVRDC in August, so maybe then :)

  3. Pony friends are amazing and really important to me so I know how you feel. Don't forget word of mouth for finding barns. My current barn has no website and there was no info posted but I found out about it from a friend of a friend of a friend :)

  4. Good luck! :/

    Pony friends (of the mildly less crazy variety) are the best friends! So it is definitely not to much too ask for!

  5. A) I can totally relate to the barn search suffering.
    B) I also totally know what it's like to have no pony friends around and it sucks!

    I hope you find somewhere awesome soon!

  6. having the right barn atmosphere is pretty important, personally, so i totaly get it. fingers crossed #6 doesn't have any weird skeletons in its closet!!!

  7. Good luck! Maybe barn four will have an opening at some point.

  8. I've been pretty lucky when it comes to barn hunting because there's always a backyard place I can go... But having an arena and on-site trainer would be nice. Fingers crossed you find something worthy enough for Princes... I mean Prince Bobby. :)

  9. Barn hunting sucks! :( Fingers crossed that you find the perfect(as close as it can get in the equine world, at least) barn!

  10. Not hearing back is the worst!!! Good luck!

  11. Pony friends are important. Most of the really good barns I've been at were advertised by word of mouth only and very selective about clients. You might ask around at the tack store?


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