Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Horse Hates Me

I'm going to go all Negative Nancy here.

Boo hoo, it's me, Debbie Downer.

Hello. My name is Pessimistic Patty, and this is my sad face.

have some "pro"/nice volunteer show pics to cancel out the whining

My horse hates me, which really just brings this whole move full circle because I hate everything about the last two months.

For the past week, my horse hasn't wanted to be caught. He sees me pull into the parking area and makes haste to the far end of the paddock. When I go to get him from the corner he's stuffed himself in, hiding behind other horses, he plays Keep Away and walks out of reach.

It doesn't take too long to get hold of him, but the fact that he moves at all makes my already depressed and anxiety ridden psyche crumble to pieces. Bobby's never been the type of horse to come when called, but he's never taken so much as a step away from me when loose.

We've been working hard, but I make sure to stuff half a bag of treats down his throat before, during, and after every ride. I certainly don't beat him when he's in my possession, and aside from the one ride last week, there have been zero dramatics going on while in the saddle.

He just hates my stupid face, and quite frankly I hate this stupid place we're boarding at.

The facilities are great. The rings are beautiful and well maintained. There's plenty of turn out, the hay quality is exceptional, there's plenty of grain options, and I don't worry about the care of my horse at all.

But I'm not happy here. The "trails" seem to be perpetually under water and while you can walk down most of them, I have an event horse that needs real conditioning work. BO said there are more trails at the retirement barn, but my trailer isn't the easiest thing in the world to hook up by myself, and I don't think I'm capable of slotting it into its parking spot alone without smashing into one of the other trailers.

And I am pretty much always alone there. I'm not really a social person, but I miss having a barn family so much. The only people I've really interacted with are the BO who honestly kind of creeps me out, and the new BM who is....not someone I want to hang with.

So I've started the search for a new barn. Which I hate. I hate vetting facilities, and I hate having to get settled in to a new place. But I don't even want to go see my horse right now, even if he didn't hate me. I just don't want to be at the barn.

Had enough whining? Me too. I'm just going to google my little heart out and hope I find a way back to PA a suitable new place.


  1. Boo:( Sorry to hear the new place isn't working out. I've definitely been there before. I'm sure you'll find somewhere you can be happy. I moved Fiction twice in 2 months before we settled into the barn were are at now!

  2. We are looking to add 1 more gelding to the bunch at my place so you should definitely just move to Bucks County and be done with it. Buuuut other than that, I definitely understand the feeling of not even wanting to go to the barn or ride because it's become a not-fun place to be. I'll pray for ya, friend. <3

  3. Bobby doesn't hate you, I promise. It's just a phase he's going through.

    Boca went through a walking away from me phase, and it crushed my fragile little human psyche. But then it passed. Who knows what goes on in their tiny little walnut-sized brains?

    I'm sorry you don't love your new barn :( Maybe it will grow on you? I didn't love mine right off the bat, either. It took some time. Change is hard :/

  4. Transitions are the pits - I felt the same way when we moved to KY...even though EVERYONE was 'oh, you are so lucky to be living in horse country'...blah, blah, blah. If you are not happy where you are, it doesn't help to be surrounded by loveliness. I did find a barn in KY that we all loved, but it took some time and one move.
    You will find the right place!

  5. Oh man, hard to catch horse is such a pain. Apollo has gone through several bouts of this.... pretty much every spring he has a few "moments". It's so hard not to take it personally. I hope you are able to find a new facility that feels more like home and has a nice barn family :)

  6. I've gone through this twice now. Both perfectly fine facilities, one of them the hands down most beautiful facility I've seen in this state, but it doesn't matter. If it doesn't feel like home it probably isn't. Moving sucks but once you do find the right place it'll make everything worth it.

    As far as Bobby running away from you my horse literally does it every day. I know she still loves me, and after a while it became an endearing quality that she saw my car pull up and walked into the other direction. I full on embrace that shit now.

  7. I can totally relate. The barn can break you if its not the right situation. I hope you find something that works better for you!

  8. i literally want to curl up and cry every time my mare runs away from me - so i get it. bummer that the barn doesn't quite fit the bill too... wishing you luck in finding something a little more welcoming!

  9. Oof. That's rough. To me, horses are probably my #1 social outlet (yeah pretty much a hermit otherwise), so it's very important to have decent people to hang out with at the barn. Best of luck finding a new place. :-)

  10. -hugs- Finding the right barn is SO HARD.

  11. If only there was a way to meet cool horse people that you like, find out where they board, and then move there. That way you know there's cool people and they'd save you some facility vetting/research. As to Bobby, I've had a horse do that to me and it was so darn frustrating!! Bribery ultimately worked for me.

  12. It's ok, venting is good. Katai has started walking away from me recently but there's been a big change in her work and now she's gone out on pasture. On one had pony buffet, on the other a work out. I know which I would choose :) I can completely understand looking for a new barn since I'm still not sure about the place I'm boarding right now. There's a lot to be said for having people around, especially of the fun and positive variety so kudos to you for making the change even if it's tough

  13. Here's to finding a perfect barn for my Bobby!! Less stress all around!

    The pics looks awesome!

  14. I'm sorry you're dealing with all that and I wish I could help. Many hugs.

    Mo went through a "you can't catch me" phase early this spring when we started riding again, and one day after I had to resort to a grain bucket--carrots weren't sufficient--M told me that her Rolex horse would canter 10m circles around her and snatch whatever it was out of her hand for a good long time before she could catch him, every single day. Horses suck sometimes.

  15. I'm sorry thinks are sucky.
    Carrot bribery for Bobby? Archie occasionally becomes hard to catch. I think he holds grudges. :S

  16. Pig never comes to me either, but also never runs away. He did once, and that's when I found out the BO's son had been sent to catch him and bring him in.

    He's no good with rough people.

    So, yeah. A barn move might be in order.

  17. I'm pretty sure Ellie comes up with mean tricks to play on me during her downtime. Don't settle- you'll find the right spot!


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