Friday, May 8, 2015

Let's just make excuses

I'm a little bit fanatical about the week leading up to a show. I plan well in advance what I'm going to do each day, what day Bobby gets off, and how long each ride is going to last.

Monday: Jump school. Short, sweet, totally perfect.

Tuesday: Dressage school. Lots of work on transitions and lateral work.

Wednesday: Dressage school. Run through of dressage test. Trail ride after.

Thursday: Day off.

Friday: Jump school. Bending lines, big oxer, single verticals with long approaches.

Saturday: Show!

"but i don't wanna go to work!"

Monday through Thursday? We were mint. All went according to plan.

I set up a 3' swedish oxer with a wide spread, a 3'3" vertical you could do alone or bend it to a 3' vertical that could also be done alone. It was stupid hot out, so I left it like that instead of dragging more standards and poles out from the indoor.

Bobby was great to warm up. He stepped right into his newfound show jumping canter and after a couple laps each way with some circles thrown in, I turned him in to the 3'3" vertical. He tapped the top pole out, but it was a big first fence and he might have underestimated the height a little.

"where are the cookies?"

I ignored that and came around to do the vertical on the diagonal, and then around to the oxer. He jumped both fine--maybe a little quick and therefor over his shoulder on the vertical, but not too bad.

I got off to put the dropped pole back up and we came right back around to it. I gave a smack on the shoulder to tell him to lift his feet up, and we didn't have a problem with that one again. However, after that, he pretty much gave me the finger and did his own Bobby thing.

He wasn't horrible, he just wasn't really listening as well as he could have been.

Me: Wait, wait, wait....

Bobby: Waiting, waiting...let's do this thing already!

Me: Turn in here. Bobby! HELLO. TURN IN HERE.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah. I'm fucking turning already. Quick! To the jump!

Me: Re-balance before we get to the next jump. Bobby. Bobby? We're practically at the next jump and you have yet to acknowledge me!

Bobby: And? Let's go jump this! Hurry!

bobby's fucking mantra.

He knocked the oxer down twice. He didn't crash through it, or really even get to that bad of a spot, he just didn't seem to have a care in the world about whether he hit the fence or not.

So here's where my excuses start rolling in:

  • It was hot outside. I don't do well in hot weather, and I probably wasn't riding quite as proactively or as strongly as I could have been. 
  • I put his full set of Woof boots on to see how he rode in them. Bobby is a notorious abuser of boots when jumping. He takes full advantage of their protection and rubs his little leggies over everything. That's why I pretty much never use them when I jump. But I want him to wear them for cross country (purely for aesthetics), and we almost always go right to xc from stadium so he's got to learn to pick his fucking feet up. Grid work is on the docket.
  • Probably one too many days apart from the last jump school. I should have jumped him long and hard Thursday and given him today off instead.
I think it was a good preview of what's to come tomorrow, for better or for worse. I'm already thinking I might have to bit him up at shows once his adrenaline starts pumping. Overall though, I managed to stay pretty relaxed throughout, kept thinking to the next fence (even if my horse wasn't), and made sure I released no matter what the approach was like.

Plus, even with Bobby being a little rude, my position still felt solid and I was totally confident in my eye. Those are always good things to bring forward to a show!

We ride tomorrow at 10:42, 11:45, and 12:15 which means we should miss the thunderstorms that are supposed to roll in sometime in the afternoon. Fingers crossed anyway!

as promised.

Also, some foolish friends encouraged me to join instagram so now you can find us at @poorwomanshowing (is that how it's done?). I will overload you with puppy and pony pictures, be warned!


  1. omg that hello kitty slinky thing.... omg! it's perfect haha

    also - total confidence in your eye and position really is kinda more than half the battle, imo. good luck and hope you guys tear it up!

  2. Have fun at the show!! =)

  3. Good luck girl, going to go follow you now :)

  4. Have fun!! Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. I saw a dressagey pic somehwere...FB i think, Cant wait to read the recap!

  6. Can't wait to hear about it!! :)

  7. he's too willing for his own good lol


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