Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Fotos: Totally Random Shit!

my super smart dogs freaking out about a turtle

like, seriously freaking out.

this nasty, nappy, long hair is why robert has to get a summer clip

so he's all shiny and cool afterwards!

sadly the pink princess mask didn't hold up for long.
i'll be keeping the extra diamonds for sure though.

weird squishy lump. do you see it? do you?? squish it!!

why my clippers weren't working, i guess it's a good excuse.

i asked my best former-barn bud sarah what variety of this new
dog food she was feeding her dog so i could switch pig over. her answer?
"chicken and...something else. the one with a corgi on it." sort of a corgi?


  1. Is that an artist rendition of a corgi at a murder scene?

  2. lmao at the turtle! when Lola was alive one time she made friends with and became the protector of a turtle.

    and wtf does bobby have such long hair in the summer?!

  3. Lol your dogs crack me up

  4. That video on your IG for the dogs with the turtle was hysterical


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