Thursday, October 30, 2014

What is this "dressage"?

And why does it make my abs hurt so fucking much?

Friday's body clip signaled the end of our past four-ish weeks of loafing around and the return to real work. We celebrated Monday by having a legitimate jump school, and then spent the next two days doing dressage.

But really it was just like riding in my dressage saddle while trying to get Bobby to chill the fuck out and lighten the fuck up.

On Tuesday, it was in the seventies so we went up to the outdoor to ride. He was lovely at the walk. Super relaxed and soft, listening, yada yada. Then BO and S came up for a lesson and Bobby instantly lost all focus. That's fine though. Riding with other horses that Bobby thinks are his besties is good practice for shows where he loses focus over literally everything.

His trot work was alright. Alright for the first real outdoor dressage school after a break I guess. But his canter was strung out and quick. He kept channeling his zoomies towards the jumps which means I had to keep pulling him off of them....which means he got mad that I was ruining his life and just got more tense.

I tried to channel all his forward energy into good things by employing a lot of sitting trot, but I mostly just made my core sing me sad songs. However, we were able to finish up with a few laps of really nice stretchy trot. That's something I'll always take because Bobby sucks at stretching down.

"hi. i help you with your pictures."

The next day we were sentenced to the indoor by rain. Bobby's girlfriend was getting ridden at the same time so that was a good excuse to be kind of a dick. Then, just at we started trotting, L pulled in with her mare on the trailer.


Nothing makes Bobby lose focus like a horse trailer in the parking lot. He couldn't stop staring at it and the horse on it. He was heavy, tense, distracted, and pulling my fucking arms out. It didn't help that L finished tacking up and came in to longe.



So L's mare has zero interest in moving (Obviously why she was being longed. I mean, wait. What?), so L proceeded to cluck and kiss and snap the longe line to get her moving. Bobby was all, "Hell to the no."

dumb and cuter. you decided which is which in this picture.

I ended up parking him in a corner until she was done because I couldn't get Bobby's brain while she was doing her own thing. Did I get an acknowledgement of my existence, let alone of the fact that I had stopped doing my own work so she could longe her fucking mare?

Nope. Not a word.

Once she was done, I snuck in a few quick laps of trot each way while she bridled her horse before I left the ring.

I can't even with this lady. Part of me feels like I'm overreacting wanting to say something, but another part of me is like THIS IS COMMON COURTESY. Would it kill you to ask if it was okay to longe? If there was a part of the arena that would be out of the way to do it in? If you should wait five fucking minutes for the other people to finish their work?

He has today off then he'll do something tomorrow. I'm hoping I can get Hubby out for some new media this weekend.


  1. Wow, she is rudeness, plain and simple. I don't think you're overreacting, and I definitely think you should say something to her. That would be incredibly frustrating!

  2. Ugh, I've known people like that. You're definitely not overreacting. It's maddening how unaware some people are of their surroundings. I always make a point to ask before I longe, and I feel horribly guilty if Tristan so much as flicks his heels on the longe line!

  3. sounds super frustrating. i definitely would say something (tho i never hesitate in saying anything lol). it's rude and disrespectful... i guess it's possible that she really truly has no clue... but esp with winter coming, it's critical that the arena is shared space for *everyone*

  4. What is WRONG with people!??!?! sigh....
    I agree with the others, say something to her. We all know you shouldn't have to, and it is a bit hypocritical of me to suggest you do since I despise confrontation and am prone to passive aggressive tendencies, but I think for everyone's mental health (you can't be the only one who has noticed her behavior) it would be worth it. Blame it on Bobby if it's easier- tell her he loses his mind if someone lunges in the center of the arena- "wouldn't want him to rile up your mare- could you ask next time before you start lunging?" Maybe it will light up the thing between her ears if it relates to her, or to horses. Good luck!

  5. Perhaps, there is a large rock or some poo you could toss her way...

  6. Can you say something to the BM about her? Or next time ask her if she could just work in a corner/somewhere NOT in your way?

  7. All I see are ears in that last photo. Giant adorable ears.

    Sucks to deal with idiots. Probably no good way to approach them about it since they lack common courtesy and probably would be bitchy and resentful about it. Barn owner should talk to the gal or put up a sign - riders in the arena have right-of-way, or something.

  8. OMG the cute. I just can't even.

    I think you should set up a nice course in the arena, in such a way that she can't possibly longe. Then when she goes to move the jumps, just be like "sorry I'm using those, I'll be done in 30 minutes". Then stretch that 30 minutes out to 60 by taking lots of walk breaks and dawdling as much as possible.

  9. Wow that lady sounds like she fell out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down. Ugh. Poor Robert.

    The only way I can cope with the amount of core dressage requires is to do weighted sit-ups three times per week. Effective but so painful.

  10. The cute in the photos is overwhelming ♡
    Sorry to hear muppet-head is back, hopefully you can work things out

  11. Amazing how self absorbed people can be. Good manners have been sadly undervalued in our culture lately. Your restraint so far is remarkable!

  12. At my barn it is against "the rules" to lunge whenever anyone is riding. And I tend to agree!
    Is there someone that you can make an official complaint to about the Lunging Lunatic?

  13. It it offensive if I think Bobby sounds like a teenage girl? "Urgh! You're ruining my lyyyfee!"
    I say that as a term of endearment :P.

    We have a 'no lunging while others are riding' rule at work. Yet there's this thing called communication and common sense (which it seems your lunging lady lacks) in which we generally come to a compromise. You can lunge in here- but stay in that corner and I'll work around you.
    People. I tell ya.

  14. Has anyone ever complained to the barn owner about this girl? Yeesh. Maybe there are enough complaints to warrant her getting a talking to or something. What a pill. You're definitely not overreacting.

    Also, your dog.

  15. There is someone at my barn like that who lunges in the indoor while people are riding. She also does it on the cold days when my horse is barely holding it together, and then her horse running around bat shit crazy on the lunge line never fails to set my horse off. She also lunges directly in the middle of the ring with her out of control horse, making it difficult to circle or do any kind of exercise for my to get my horse's focus. So really, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! Last winter I actually scheduled my rides around the days I knew she would be there in the evenings.

  16. So frustrating. I seriously feel like people need to pass a test to be able to ride around other people.


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