Thursday, October 16, 2014

TBT: Barky and Darcy

Barky being the fabulous pig we had when living in New York:

"hi!!!! do you have food?"
And Darcy of course being our now-late Kelpie:

being naughty was exhasuting

My lap top recently gave me the blue screen of death, but fortunately my mom sent me her "old" desk top when she bought a new one. On it I found an old cell video of Darcy stalking Barky, and Barky trying to give her the what-for.

I miss my crazy Kelpie kisses, and I kind of miss my crazy ass pig.

happiest pig that ever was


  1. What a cute pig! That look in the last picture!!

    Kelpie is adorable too :)

  2. Too funny!! My husband wants a pet pig so, so badly.

  3. Darcy looks so sweet! I love pigs - wish I could own one!

  4. They are both really fucking cute. I love pigs.

  5. What happened to the pig when you left NY? He's kind of adorable! :)

    1. Um...she moved to PA with us via the freezer. :P

  6. I heard pigs are the best house pets you can have! Maybe one day. It's awesome that you found these. I found a bunch of old LB pics last night while my computer was trying to crash too. :(

  7. Aww :) Pigs make me nervous, but I haven't really ever gotten to know any... but my husband loves them :)

  8. awww...I miss my pig too...such cuties!

  9. Piggy piggy <3 Their noses are so cute!


  10. That last picture look like it belongs on a birthday card or something! Happy pig!

  11. Love love love these pics and especially that last pic - what a sweet expression!

  12. There will be a pig on the farmette someday. Have to fund building the house first. I want one of the kind that stay small, which cost a fortune apparently. (and will never end up in the freezer ;D)


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