Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October's 10 Questions

Thank blogger-dom for bloggers that generate posts that other bloggers can participate in when they have nothing to blog about themselves. This one is from Viva Carlos, and it will fill the void when there's no pony time. I'm waiting for my clipper blades to come back from sharpening though, and then shit gets real.

1. How many pairs of breeches/jods do you own? Six. One just got the crotch patched which makes it feel like I installed a diaper, so those got shoved onto a top shelf for real winter to set in and a pair of leggings to go underneath them so I can't feel that unpleasantness quite so much. One is a schooling only pair. Two are show only pairs. Two are beige breeches with various stains and/or rips and don't get used ever.

bobby was mauled by pre-teens with camera phones while doing pink prep on sunday

2. How many horses have you ridden? Far too many for me to even begin to try to count. From lesson ponies as a kid, to school horses in college, to racehorses and random catch rides, it's been a lot.

3. How many trainers have you had? From when I first started riding, I'm only going to count three that I would actually consider a trainer. One was my very first when I rode from five to eight and lived in South Carolina. The second was a British woman when I picked up riding again when we moved to Illinois to when I had to quit at thirteen due to funds. The final was my trainer in college who taught me everything from dressage to jumping to galloping and everything in between. He was definitely my best and favorite trainer of all time.

4. How many barns have you ridden at? I'm only going to count the ones that I actually was at for an extended period of time, not just ones I've taken a random lesson or two at. So...six?

5. What is the name of the horse you consider yourself to have the greatest bond with? Red.

6. What is your favorite show name you've ever encountered? Actually one of my favorite show names belongs to a fellow blogger! I love Riley's show name "Irish Goodbye".

7. What do you consider your greatest weakness or flaw in riding? Motivation. I'm way too okay with just skating by on pretty much all things.

8. What do you consider to be your greatest strength? Quick reactions.

9. Have you ever leased a horse? I've done unofficial leases before, but never with signed paperwork.

10. What is the name of the first horse you rode? My first lease horse! His name was Silver Cloud and he was a grey Thoroughbred/Welsh gelding that did literally everything under the sun, including saving my ass and dumping me in the same lesson more than once. Best first horse anyone could ask for.


  1. I'll trade you some motivation for some quick thinking, my hamsters are dead.

  2. nice! i'm kinda surprised about your 'motivation' comment since you always seem to be out and about doing cool things and werkin on improving your game. but it's all about your own perspective as a rider, i suppose. anyways - pink totally suits bobby :)

  3. I'll second Emma, the comment about your lack of motivation surprised me too! You and Robert seem to do all kinds of things on the daily: dressage, trail riding, xc, jumping, barrels, keyhole, etc. Loved your answers though!

  4. Very nice answers! I got dumped twice in a lesson before by my own lease horse as well.

  5. Oh, I know what you mean with the diaper crotch thing. I picked up a pair of $38 FITS winter breeches at a consignment shop, brand new, and I was like "Why would someone get rid of these?!" well let's just say I found out, and now I can only ride in them with Smartwool or Underarmour underneath. Every. Step. In. My. Crotch.

  6. Please lend me some speed in the saddle. I ride like a drugged sloth most of the time.


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