Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's almost like work

Sheesh, someone do another blog hop. I'm having to actually write some original material here. Not that it's anything exciting. Bobby has been getting worked on a mostly regular basis--about once every two days--but it's pretty much all silliness.

Now that hunting season has started the trails are closed except on Sundays, but I'm not totally comfortable going out that day still. People are a little cray cray about their hunting around here, and I don't want to be the ass responsible for having everyone else's trail privileges revoked. So instead I've been doing the majority of our work in the cross country field.

new besties kotah and alex

Bobby got switched to the cross country field for turnout a couple weeks ago because he was starting to get beat up in his old paddock. Now he's in the "Loser Field" with three other equally dopey geldings. They think it's great fun to frolic around with us for a few minutes before they head back down to laze in the run-in.

everybody trot now

Since Bobby's on a mental and light physical break, and I'm participating in 2pointober, our "work outs" consist of going up and down the hills of the field at any gait Bobby chooses while my legs quiver in pain. Every now and then we'll get wild and deviate over the jumps in an effort to stretch my two point out for ten more seconds.

strengthen that pathetic leg!
(picture actually from a few weeks ago)

The problem with pretty much any competition and myself is that I am a) seriously unmotivated in all factors in life and b) the least competitive person ever. So when I forced my way up to eleven minutes last week for two point, I was like, "Yay! Such a beast! ....and that's all I've got." The field was too wet on Sunday, so I rode in the outdoor instead. I set out some trot and canter poles to try to distract myself from the painful boredom of riding with my ass in the air by myself, but I could only focus for three and a half minutes before throwing in the FUCK IT flag.

everyone needs a little wiggle pig in their lives

I wasn't even going to go to the barn yesterday, but I'd forgotten my phone in my locker and I needed to schedule a vet appointment for Mags. Obviously since I was there I rode. It was raining which sent us to the indoor where another girl had a few trot poles set up. Bobby was a super star flatting, but he kept drifting off the rail to get close to the poles. I let him prance through them a few times before the other girl set up a tiny cross rail. I contributed by throwing a barrel on its side to make a fun squiggly line jumping exercise.

trickier than it appears.

Bobby was fine with cantering over the single barrel by itself, and fine with the cross rail, but the first time I tried to put the two together he jumped onto the barrel instead. The second time he half-assed ran out on it, but the third time and the times after, he was a total rock star. Completely locked onto the barrel as soon as he landed from the cross rail and oh so rideable.

Plus, it's just like we're practicing for Training! Bending line to a skinny? Uh, yeah. Totes Training. Just, you know, two feet shorter.

This "vacation" thing is kind of boring. I wish we could go trail riding every day.

mags goes on her first susquehanna river exploration


  1. Ahahaha. My goal for the week is to find a situation in which to use the phrase "throwing the FUCK IT! flag," thanks.

  2. You even make vacation posts interesting! Got a good giggle from the trotting geldings picture.

  3. Omg, Mags is adorable. She's like a tiny little black bear. :)

  4. And now, "Everybody Dance (trot) Now" is stuck in my head. Thanks

  5. Aww Bobby has new friends!!

  6. FYI I think you adopted a bear cub, not a dog.

  7. ' totes training - just two feet shorter' - sounds about right lol. glad y'all are having fun and mags is adorable!


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