Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Review, October Goals

September Review:

1. Free walk to medium walk.  The goal here being not to have a flying backwards/rearing/spinning reaction to me picking up the reins out of the free walk. Our free walk still isn't anything special--and probably never will be--but out of the four dressage tests we showed this month, Bobby contained his tantrums every time.

2. Remain present in all jumping rounds. Ten million times better. Our stadium practices at home this month were the best we've ever done. Unfortunately it didn't make for a pretty round at the show, but it wasn't because I wasn't spaced out. More on "My horse: Life as a springbok" in a later post.

3. Clean up the thrush in the RF.  For now, that shit is gone in every single part of his frog. I'm sure it will be back, but I'm armed with a dozen tubes of Tomorrow when it does. Now to figure out the seedy toe that wants to creep in...

4. More yoga. Success! With the return of football, I've done a ton more yoga. That does make sense, by the way. I love doing yoga while watching men slam into each other. So cathartic. Also, my hip is feeling miles better than it was before because of it.

excuse the change of scenery.
i forgot to get a picture until last night while riding bareback just before dark.

October Goals:

1. Just chill, bro. We've done one clinic and eleven shows this year. It's vacation time!

Just a reminder that if you missed any show recaps, or are new to the blog, there's a link of every show post from this season on the right sidebar. I also made a page of every show we've done since the inception of this blog at the top. I'll be adding another page with other relevant links sometime this month, so be on the lookout for that.


  1. Y'all have accomplished a ton this year! Break sounds nice :)

  2. You and Bobby are awesome! Great job this season!

  3. Vacation time seems well-earned for you and Robert :)

  4. well done - enjoy the chillin :)

  5. You guys had a great season! Enjoy some chill time

  6. Kudos for you for remembering to take a pic of your horse once a month - I need to start that!

  7. Ok Jealous of all your shows. Good for you both!

  8. you guys had a great turn happy for you both!


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