Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Media Dump

Because I have nothing interesting to say, for once I'll do you all a favor and keep the word spewage (Fuck you, Blogger. That is a word.) to a minimum.

Friday, Bobby went a fifteen minute trail ride! Then I pulled Pilot out of his paddock, failed at trying to get him to react to poking his newly lumpy LH, rode him for five minutes, deemed him lame, treated him with some Surpass, and put him back out. BM and BO said he and Blackberry were running around like complete nutters the day before and he probably tweaked it then.

Saturday, Bobby had off as Hubby and I went to the fair.

All that text and still no media!!

Today, I dragged Hubby out to the barn and Bobby and I did a little jumping:

And a little dressaging:

And attempted to do a little posing:

But I've given up on trying to make this horse look intelligent:

The jumping was a little loosey goosey on both our parts:

But for being in a bit, with no martingale, not having jumped in nearly two months, and being off for about a month, we both really could have been much worse:


  1. Spewage is a great word! Also, love the forced ears forward posing :)

  2. Love the forced ears pic too :) Glad you at least had some productive ride time.

  3. I think the jumping looks pretty good actually, especially with how tight you have to make your corners in the indoor.

  4. Hehehe looked like he sure missed jumping!

  5. Aww, what a good boy :) Any updated hoof pics?

  6. Oh my gosh, he looks so pissed off in that 4th photo! Too funny.


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