Monday, September 16, 2013

Bad feet and good feet.

I gave my foot Sunday off from riding due to some discomfort, but I went out the barn anyway and had some bonding time with Robert.

Bobby's not big on going out in his paddock by himself. There's not really any grass left in there, so I took his giant pile of hay that he'd spread around (fatty) and made him a couple of piles outside. It was gorgeous weather outside and there was no reason for him to be pouting in his pen. He was happy to come outside with me and munch on hay, but as soon as I went inside to pick poop, he was right back in there with me.

"i'm not coming back out unless you promise to stay with me."

I finally got him groomed, his feet treated, his pen cleaned, his hay and water sorted, and buried a bunch of apples in his hay outside. Once he figured that sneaky treat out, I made a run for it and left him munching in the sun.

Today, I planned on riding both Spyder and Pilot. Sarah was out grazing Memphis when I pulled in, so we turned him out with Bobby and let them have a Lame Horse romp for a few minutes. Sarah blew out her knee running this weekend and Memph is still recovering from having a clip buried in his foot, so Bobby and I are looking like Iron Men at this point. Go us?

I pulled Spyder out of his stall, and as I was leading him to the crossties I checked to make sure all his shoes were on. Well they were all on, but the LH was torqued and, upon further inspection, he also had a clip buried in his foot. What is with horse shoes this year?! I managed to get the nails out on that side, pry the clip out, and hammer it back over so the clip was on the outside of his foot. I wrapped it in duct tape and stuck him back in his stall to wait for BM's expertise to pull the rest of the nails out. 

With Spyder out, I got on Pilot. I made him up a bridle with a hunter dee with a french link. He was so quiet and steady in the contact with it. That was an easy fix! He also definitely remembered his mounting block lesson. I only had to ask him to stand still twice before I swung aboard and he continued to stand like a rock. He got major praise for that.

After an uneventful w/t/c, he started to get tired so he got a little fussy, but we were able to finish off working on a circle at the walk with pretty good bend. He needs some time in side reins, and just general fitness, but he's a pretty good boy.

I finished barn time off with having BM inspect Bobby's feet. She gave him two thumbs up and said they were looking really good. Yay!! She pointed out a few minor fixes I could do with the rasp to make them a little more balanced, but overall she was really happy with how they've turned out. Once the crack in his heel bulb finishes healing, we'll try putting him back on a regular stall/turnout schedule.


  1. Hehehe I love the hidden apples trick.

  2. Oh the joy of pony feet. At least you still got to ride. :)

  3. progress! Its been a gimpy season for sure.

  4. Woo hoo progress!!

    Dang go you and doing feet!

  5. Love the final headshot of Bobby!
    Happy healing to the both of you!

  6. Great to hear that his feet are improving. Sounds like they are doing much better with your own DIY farrier work than they were with NF.

  7. Glad to hear that he is improving!


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