Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More really unexciting updates!

Unfortunately, Bobby's attempted relocation to stall/turnout was a failure. The BMs were really pampering him and leading him out the front gate of the barn, directly across the driveway to the grass bank surrounding his paddock, and into the back gate so his contact with gravel was absolutely minimal.

back on turnout.

I went to see him every day to apply his Farrier Barrier and give him a good grooming (and, of course, lots of cookies), but he only went from his stall to the crossties. Yesterday, I pulled him out, groomed him, and clipped the longe on him to take him to the indoor to see how he looked. He followed me into the courtyard of the barn and threw on the parking brake. Granted, he has the worst work ethic of any Thoroughbred I have ever known, but after beating him asking him nicely to walk all the way across the courtyard, I could tell he was genuinely sore.

So back to his pen and baby paddock he went.

and back to no turnout.

It's not a bad deal he's got going on back there. It's a huge pen with free access to a (albeit small) paddock, and he gets to coat himself in dirt in the indoor when that gate gets opened up after lessons. To make up for lack of grass (the paddock is mostly scrub), he's getting super green, super soft hay in copious amounts.

The culprit in all of this is the RF with its thrush. It's healing, and all his feet and definitely getting harder, but it's slow progress made even slower by one especially gimpy foot. His feet are in the "Whoa, those look awfully chipped up" phase, but at least they've left the "Holy shit! What is wrong with those things?!" phase.





Aside from constantly having his house changed, not much else has been going on in Bobby Magee land. He's shedding out his summer coat with a vengeance and has started looking like a respectable dark bay again as opposed to a dun.

not actually as fat as he looks. he's just filling out into his giant
Mighty Magee-inherited frame.

I am, however, a little excited that he's starting to show signs of dapples coming in. Eight years I've been with this horse and he's never shown any dappling!

use your imagination. they're coming in, i promise.
little baby dapples!

shiny horse.

because boredom had set in and i was taking pictures while leaning against
my horse's butt.

Stay tuned for.... things! I'm sure there will be.... things.

If not, continue having fun gizoogling your blogs.


  1. Yeah dapples! It takes time. Hope he comes around sooner rather than later. :)

  2. I gizoogled my blog and it was hilarious. I love that someone thought it a worthwhile use of their time to make a gizoogler.

    1. And that someone should get an award!

  3. His condition looks stellar. The feet will improve, just time.

  4. I gizoogled my work page at the animal hospital I work at... Best laugh I've had in a long time. His feet are looking better but B and I are rooting for you! No one thought my OTTB could go barefoot and after 3 years of jumping, trails, and him flying through the air (on his own accord), he went down barefoot :) It takes work but you'll get it!

  5. Bummer about his footsies. He looks fabulous otherwise.

  6. Hope yourself and Bobby's footsies get better soon, loving the gizoogle of my blog - deff makes for better reading than the drivel i write! :p

  7. Sore feet, hmmm, I sympathize. Love the Fall coats, they come in so gleaming!

  8. HIs feet DO look better. Keep at it. You'll both be a lot happier in the long run.


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