Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Same old shit!

In the spirit of persevering in the face of adversity boring rides, I bring you another boring ride post.

But then I think to myself, these posts aren't really all that different from the rest of my usual posts, and yet people still occasionally check in. It's like blog brainwashing.

I like it.

turnout attempt 2: bobby and new arrival mojo.

I rode Bobby yesterday. It went like this:

Me: How do your tootsies feel naked?


Me: No problem. I'll put a boot on your RF.

Bobby: Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Me: Look at this ground pole I set out for you! Now I can practice my two point over a "jump"!

Bobby: OMG, we're jumping! It's like a six foot jump! I just cleared that six foot jump! *buck, buck* I'm a jumping horse! *head snake. buck*

Me: Whenever you're ready to walk again, Bobby....

And so on for most of the ride. I eventually made his ground pole into a 18" X and he decided he could jump that like a relatively sane horse. Once the boot was on, he didn't take a short step. His feet are like rocks right now with the exception of his front heels. I'm really surprised with how good they're looking at just four weeks out.

literally ten times fatter in person.

Pilot's been on the longe in side reins the past two days (including this morning). Yesterday he was a complete punk. I've been working him in the round pen which abuts one of the paddocks, and Ranger was turned out by himself as his pasture mates finished up with lessons. Ranger kept calling to Pilot and Pilot thought it would be best to respond by spinning in the opposite direction and taking off bucking. That was rewarded with him getting to canter. A lot. Shit head.

On the plus side, he's really a very cute mover when skipping along.

"i want to be an eventing pony."

He was much better this morning, but I still felt like he wasn't getting the whole side reins concept so I ended up getting on him bareback. He stood like a rock as I climbed on him from the side of the round pen and almost right away dropped his head with a squeeze of my fingers. Someone really put a great foundation on him. He just needs to be back in consistent work. We walked around for a few minutes and then quit with lots and lots of praise.

No barn tomorrow. Hopefully I can drag Hubby out this weekend for some semblance of riding pictures.


  1. lol, consider me blog brainwashed, I enjoy reading even your 'boring' posts :)

  2. I'm with Kitty Kat. Every your most 'mundane posts' are entertaining!

  3. Sounds like Bobby is keeping life interesting and Pilot is a fun project for ya!

  4. Your blog brainwash is still way more interesting than my horsie life right now. Brain wash on.

  5. Your bobby convos seriously make me laugh my ass off. LOVE it. Even the boring can be amusing on your blog so kudos!

  6. Definitely blog brainwashed :)

  7. Another one who'll happily hold her hand up as blog brainwashed. Love updates from yourself & Bobby-man!


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