Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh, hey. I rode a horse.

Alright, he's really almost a pony, but it was real riding!

I got on Bobby Thursday and Friday and he happily doped along in his Boa boots on a loopy rein as I whimpered to myself about how out of shape I am. Guys, I used to be an exercise rider. I used to be able to keep my ass out of the saddle from 5am to 10am. Now? I am holding onto mane and bemoaning how much my ankles hurt. It helps to remind myself that holding onto mane and having my legs shake from exhaustion was exactly how I started, and I haven't been in half seat in over a month (or really even a saddle), but sheesh. The good news is, after my twenty minutes of torture on Friday, my foot only ached a little bit.

But anyway.

I stopped by the barn this morning to take off Bobby's sheet (hello 40* after a 90* week) and BO was like, "Feel free to ride Pilot or Spyder whenever you want." So I took advantage of her generosity and had my first ride on Pilot.

looking pregnant at the moment.

He's a cool little dude. Four years old, green broke, has been to a couple shows, and gets ridden pretty sporadically. About the same as Spyder, but two hands shorter and not a mean bone in his body.

We spent several minutes at the mounting block having a discussion about standing still when someone puts their foot in the stirrup. He was all "Hurh?" until he got distracted by by a jump standard and I took advantage and swung aboard, at which point he was like "Derp" and stood there while I patted him. Not sure he knew what he was being praised for, but he'll figure it out eventually.

He vaguely understands the concept on contact, but his little baby brain processes it like so:

Rein pressure? Hm, following it....following....Hey, Bobby! What are you doing back there? Oops, rein again. Following....WHOA I'M IN THE MIRROR! Following...Oh, she's softening, head goes back up. Wait, what? More rein? Ok, following...

And so on.

bobby wanted to be in on the action so badly.

He was much better at the trot when his feet got moving a little faster. I rode him completely off the rail to help his straightness (or lack thereof)--on the quarterlines when going straight, and a slightly smaller than 20m circle when circling.

I let him have a little canter before really making him work. I put him on a circle and made him bend around my inside leg and go into that outside rein. He was such a good boy. He's out of shape, and he's green, but he was trying super hard. It was about a 30 minute ride and my foot still only hurts a little bit. Holla!

giant brown horse, little grey horse.

I'm looking forward to being able to get back into the saddle and rebuild my fitness. Not riding is a total fucking bore.


  1. I'm pretty certain baby brains are softboiled.

  2. Isn't amazing how quickly the body goes to crap when not working out? Baby looks cute

  3. Pilot is cute and yay for getting back in the saddle!!

  4. Pretty cute. Glad you're healing up.

  5. I am so in awe of exercise riders and jockeys. Those guys are in serious shape!

  6. MY ANKLES ALWAYS HURT. I have determined it must be the whole re-rider thing but I just can't get in the swing of things and ride consistently enough to get back to normal.

    Ahhh, the glory days...

  7. He's so cute! Love those ears.


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