Monday, January 9, 2012

Trail Ride!

Bobby and I headed out to the trails with Sarah and Blackberry today. What ensued was a lot of fun, but my ass (and I'm sure Bobby's) is aching and I'm not going to complain a single time about not having enough gas money to get to the barn again until Friday. We were out a total of two hours, ninety-five percent walking, and lots of turning around and guessing where the Hades we were.

getting off to open the "gate" at the neighbors, where bobby
saw his first SHEEP! his was impressed.
Our first road block was new fencing at the neighbors where their entire horse paddocks were made out of two strands of electrical tape that wasn't hot. One of their horses went under the fence where it was already torn and came trotting down the driveway to see the visitors. Fortunately, he refrained from squealing or kicking and Bobby and Blackberry were very well behaved. I gave Sarah one of my reins and she went chasing after the horse as it decided to take a detour towards the road. Of course, no one was home and no one picked up at the barn when Sarah tried to call.

sarah tries to get ahold of anyone while horsie comes back to
hang out with bobby and blackberry.
Eventually, Sarah wrangled the horse while I took the two Bs to the break in the fence and patched it together as best as I could. Once he was back in with his buddies, he lost interest in us and we carried on.

My trusty guide hadn't been out on the trails for two years, so she was not so trusty at all. We did a lot of guess work and made sure to stay far away from Posted signs and ended up circling back twice. She eventually figured out where she wanted to go and we had a long trot up a hill, much to Bobby's dislike. Oh, well, Fatty. Your stifles need work anyway. We walked for an hour after that, then on our final leg, Sarah turned Blackberry loose and let him gallop up a long but very low grade hill. Bobby started trotting after him, so I let him have his head and he cantered up it with amazingly little labor.

Bobby was retired because he bled heavily his last two races. His breathing is about 85 percent. He doesn't have heaves, he doesn't roar, he just has to work a little harder than most. I'm going to get him nasal strips to compete in to get him a hundred percent, and he'll look like a loser going BN in them, but that's ok.

drying off his sweaty face. he loffed it.
Sarah and I agreed that both boys need their booties to get in gear for their eventing careers, so we're going to go for a trail ride every Sunday. One day hacking, one day jumping, the rest flatting, and of course at least one day off. Booties in gear, boys!


  1. Nasal strips? Ho boy. You need a 5 point breastplate too. ;-)

  2. this from the infamous tack whore? lol, don't worry. he'll have his breastplate and running martingale and elevator bit and figure 8 and boots on every available inch of his body. am i forgetting anything? oh, right. the fact that he only jumps 2'6! ;D


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