Saturday, January 28, 2012

In which Bobby growls at me.

There is literally no other way to describe the noise that came out of him. Sarah and I went on a trail ride today (Finally! No ice or snow or rain!) and as we began trotting up our first big hill, Bobby wanted to canter.

Me: Bobby, you can't canter. You have to trot. It's good for your stifles.


Sarah immediately whipped Blackberry around and was like, "What was that noise?!?!" I, meanwhile, am laughing so hard I'm sobbing and can't say a single thing. It wasn't a snort or a cough or a choked neigh or anything else. Bobby growled at me!

The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful. Loads of huge hills that the boys had to half run, half leap up, and lots and lots of trotting. We finished with a fun blow out. Bobby wasn't too impressed with the kind of sticky footing, but he got some sillies out and settled into a slow gallop. Blackberry promptly took off on Sarah and hauled ass down the path--a testament to Sir Robert's good brain when he completely ignored his friend bolting away from him. We went out for about an hour and a half and when we came back, neither of them was even damp. They sweated on the trail, but they recovered and cooled out so quickly, it took no time flat to groom them when we got back.

visiting with kidd before untacking.
I also fooled around with Jade. I was grooming her and went to brush off her RH and saw that it was super swollen. She held it up in the air as I groped it, but she did the same thing when I felt her other hind, too. After inspection, I found a cut up by her hock, but on the inside of the leg. It wasn't super fresh, but it wasn't there yesterday so she must have gotten it overnight at some point.

I went down to see if BO had any saran wrap laying around so I could sweat it, and she said to stick a dry wrap on it and bring her down to see if she was lame on it. ....Okay. I rode her at the w/t for fifteen minutes and she was totally sound. I sweated her after and she'll stay inside tonight so she doesn't lose my wraps in the field.

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