Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Goals

Once more it's freezing outside; yesterday it didn't get above 17 and this morning it's only 9 out! I've ridden outside when it's been as cold as this, but I'm being a wimp this year and keeping myself inside. It was so cold yesterday that my poor kelpie dog would not get off the couch all day. I had to literally pick her up and chuck her outside to go to the bathroom. She is a wimp.

more of darcy's style: 100 degrees with a pond to frolic in.
Anyway, I've sat down and mapped out where I want to take Robert this year. I'm still waiting for Bucks County Horse Park to get their schedule up (Note that Plantation has their whole 2012 schedule up and their website is under work. Come on BCHP!), so it's not one-hundred precent finished yet, but I'll have it up on the side bar as soon as they get it out. Of course it's all speculation at this point as ponies get injured and sick and fail to do their homework correctly, but I plan on doing a cross country schooling mid-April at Burgundy Hollow to see if he'll debut at Elementary or Beginner Novice there in May, then we'll push forward and do BN for the rest of the year. Maybe a Novice at Burgundy Hollow if he rolls right along. BH is a suuuuper easy Novice course and the whole atmosphere is really relaxed there. If he is ready to move up, that's where it will be.

2012 Goals:

1) Top 3 at an unrecognized event at BN. I think this isn't out of the question. His dressage work is really coming along and he's been so relaxed jumping the few times I've done it that I think once we're able to go out to the big outdoor, we'll really be able to knock out any issues.

2) Compete at one recognized event. I'm looking at Waredaca as a big longshot for their Aug. 18 and 19 event because of their T.I.P. event. Otherwise, it will probably be at BCHP.

3) Get consistent 7s on trot work on dressage tests. This will have to involve Bobby streeeetching his stride out more ,so it will be a good goal to work towards because it will also help him in general.

Nothing too crazy or ambitious, but still something to work hard towards. The chances of all of them happening? Puh-retty good, I think.


  1. How exciting! It's so cool that you actually have shows to go to. Idaho? Yeah, not so much.

    I'll be cheering from here.

  2. well, the closest is still 2 and a half hours away, and they only go up to novice. i still envy the people in va and md who can hack to their shows. jerks. :P

  3. Nice goals, I love writing out goals and striving for beyond it :)


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