Friday, January 6, 2012

It's spring!

55 and sunny means it must be spring, right? Forget the fact that it's January and should still be ten degrees out. Olivia and I ventured up to the outdoor where it was still a little sloppy, but definitely ride-able. I led Bobby around once so he could see that there was nothing there to eat him (except the dogs, maybe).

"my toes are on the bridge. ask no more of me."
Even with the horses in the surrounding paddocks lined up to watch us go, Bobby went around on a loose rein at the walk without giving them a glance. However, once at the trot, he was a bull. He wouldn't get his head out of the clouds and he would either go really slow or really fast. I tried going on a looser rein, then a shorter rein, then half halts that would have stopped a freight train, but he would have none of it. I brought him back to the walk and regrouped. Once I felt he was finally paying attention, I asked for the trot again. He lowered his head and started striding out, but he was pulling on my hands super hard still. I did a million and a half trot-halt-back-trot transistions, but he still wouldn't slow down.

I'm glad I had such a nice ride yesterday because today was awful. I finally gave up the fight and finished our arena ride after twenty minutes with several walk-halt-back transistions, working on keeping him straight at backing. That accomplished, I packed up the doggies in the car and headed out to the trails for some fun riding.

Benton is basically one solid area of loose rock and Bobby has tender princess toes that need to harden again, even with shoes on, so the going was slow and a little mincy, but I wasn't looking to do anything more than walk. We were out for about forty five minutes and conquered this seriously intense hill/cliffside. I didn't get any pictures going up it because I grabbed mane, gave him all the rein, and kept my face in his neck to keep from getting decapitated. He was so amazing. He put his little booty to work and hauled ass up that thing without hesitating once.

the landscape to we waded through
at the top of the hill.
Since Bobby was pretty sweaty at this point and the trees were getting pretty thcik even on the marked trail, I jumped off and led him back down. There was no way in Hell either one of us wanted me on his back to go down. I snapped some pictures on our way down, but you can't really appreciate the craziness of this thing unless looking at it in person.

about to drop off the face of the earth.

so scary!
We ambled back at a liesurely walk even though it was feeding time. Bobby was super sweaty on his neck, chest, and his girth area, but he wasn't hot when we got back. He's a really free sweater (as in, he sweats a lot, not he is a free cable knit) so he got to hang out in his stall under his cooler with his hair in a curried mess while horses got turned in and out. He took about twenty minutes to dry, then he got brushed out, legs rubbed down with alcohol, tender toes packed, a gram of bute chased with an ounce of probiotics, then into his sheet for dinner.

headed home.
I think I'm finally going to suck it up and clip the beast tomorrow. I hate clipping.


  1. We are having great weather too! Henry got spoiled today with some awesome weather to go along with it! :)

  2. Clipping sucks, but clipped horses are so much fun!!

    I wish there was a way to compare hills. We ride some sections out here (Idaho mountains) that make me want to get off, but no one else does, so I stay on, lol. Horses always do fine, I guess.


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