Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dressage Miracle

Today something miraculous happened in our flat/ dressage school. (I don't know which makes me sound more like an eventer. Flat? I do go "hacking". Hmm.) Bobby acquired the glorious sloppy white FOAM around his lips during our trot work!! And it was not just slobber from getting cookies before his ride. Oh, no. I saw him drooling a bit in the mirrors and upon further inspection I saw the white lipstick around his entire mouth. BO was teaching a rather wayward lesson while I was riding so I asked her if it really was FOAM and she said most definitely yes! AND she gave him her nod of approval. "He's makes a really nice dressage horse. He has such a huge overstep. Dressage riders would kill for that." Oh, Robert, you wonderful mule. You totally made my day. BO never says anything nice to anyone.

He hadn't been ridden in the past two days and was primed for silliness so when we got to the arena with BO on her horse doing flying changes across the arena in all directions, a 30 year old Morgan with a rocket strapped to his ass, and a 73 year old woman on a Quarter Horse who stops every time another horse enters his personal bubble (which extends about 60' in any direction), silliness ensued. It was like warm up at a hunter show. No offense hunters. I will love you always, but it seems to me like event riders seem to ride with their eyes up more than hunters. He was prancey and dancey and doing his silly Bobby snake head for the first ten minutes or so, but he finally settled down and got to work.

We did almost all circles and a few leg yields squeezed in where we could, then worked on stretching out at the walk. Bobby's free walk is almost as much of a disaster as his canter. Last show season he had the attention span of a fruit fly on crack during his dressage and spent every walking moment studying the wonders around him. So far, in the arena, he's stayed focused and today he was starting to sink his head down and out in an attractive way instead of a "My IQ is 10" way. We also did some sitting trot work for five minutes before my abs leapt up and punched me in the face and I called it quits. Shame on me. At least Bobby's not getting pushed beyond his limits. I'm too much of a weakling.

As I was untacking him and re-rolling polos and whatnot, he was playing with his jaw a lot on the crossties so I did another fun release Massage Lady taught me. If the horse needs to release its poll, he (or she) will happily let you take his tongue and hold it out of his mouth off to the side so he can work his jaw around until it releases. In Bobby's case, he crackles and pops whenever something breaks loose and he gave a POP after thirty seconds or so, after which he stopped moving his jaw and stared at me with the dumbest expression with his ears on sideways and his tongue still hanging out of his mouth. "I iz speshul."

On a completely unrelated sidenote: Has anyone seen the new Camry commercial where the British dude is being all different horses? I'm trying to find it online. I'll post it when I do. It makes me LOL.

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  1. Lovely!! I get super exited about foam, too. Glad he's doing so well.


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