Friday, January 20, 2012

No worries

lily, just because she looked cute.

Robert's leg: Cold and tight! Feeling it today, I can tell there had definitely been some heat and swelling it it Monday and Tuesday. But it felt great this afternoon so we did ten minutes of tack walking in the arena. No stiffness, no shortness, just awesomeness.

"yes, i do need my blanket washed."

The new saddle: It fit Robert amazingly well. Not a perfect, halos shining out of the tree fit, but even with me sitting on it, no pinching or crushing that I could feel. Certainly no worse than the one I've had on him since I got him, and he's never shown any soreness from that. I was afraid it might be a hair narrow when I set it on him without a pad, but once I got it slid down to where it wanted to sit, it looked pretty durned good. However, the seat is actually only a 17" so it's still a smidgum small for me. Also, here's what I know about dressage saddles: Nothing. It felt like it cranked my leg into a really weird position too far forward, and I certainly don't need any help in that department.

this is where my leg hung naturally. it looks wrong to me.

I'll ask BO next time I'm out. It may be perfectly normal for all I know.


  1. Hm. The saddle looks not right to me--the flap seems to angle forward instead of head more downward. It might be a bit too far forward on him, which would explain it maybe. I dunno. Definitely ask someone in person who knows something, lol.

  2. Looks like the saddle more than your position is off. See how the pommel is higher than the cantle and you're sitting almost on top of the cantle? You need to be more centered and I think your position will fall exactly where it needs to be!! An easy fix is seeing if it will sit a little further back and be more balanced on the horse, or just get a riser pad. Your seat looks balanced and your leg position really only looks to be forward because of the way the saddle is balanced. Best of luck!!

  3. what they said...a dressage saddle sits farther back. The knee roll portion should not be touching his shoulder at all.


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