Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hubby got home Thursday afternoon from a week-long meeting in Harrisburg (where he didn't even go to the Farm Show. Fail.) and immediately got suckered into taking me to the barn to change Bobby's sheet for his heavy blanket. Good thing, too, because the weatherman was actually right and it was 20 degrees, snowing, and super windy yesterday morning. No more 50 degrees and half-assed rain. Could have I just called and asked the BM to change his blankets? Probably. But BO said something when we first got there that she charged for blanket changing (I know.) and I don't want to get into a situation where I owe anyone for anything. Been there, sooo done that and regretted it. So Bobby got a good grooming, lots of cookies, and snuggled into his blankey for the morning.

"can i have just one more peppermint? please??"
I was perusing old pictures of Bobby yesterday, and I noticed how much FOAM he had on the track in his Houghton bit. Now I don't feel so excited when he foams up a little tiny bit in his copper egg butt. Apparently he is just a Foamy Pony. Oh, well. At least it looks like he's trying to be a fancy Dressage Pony.

"iz i on the racetrack? howz did i get here?"

Yesterday, Bobby and I rode in the arena with Sarah and Memphis. He started off slooowly and not very productive, but he started to come around. We stayed at the walk for a long time working on halting calmly and walking off calmly. No problems. Same at the trot. Sarah wanted a thirty second tutorial on how to gallop a racehorse so we spent the next several minutes looking like idiots cantering around the arena on her Dutch Warmblood and my fat mule-like Thoroughbred. Bobby enjoyed curling behind the bit and being crooked as Hades for a bit. After all, that's not real work which means it's fun!

We ran through the BN A dressage test one and a half times. He got a little flustered being asked to canter to the left in a semi-real way so I brought him back to the walk and regrouped before starting over. He went to the left sort of laboriously but lovely (for him), missed the right lead the first time, trotted down the centerline going several different directions, halted crooked, got straightened, then spooked at Memphis doing a flying flying change behind him. Well....we finished?

like my "quarter sheet"? the cats will miss their bed....

Today, we he warmed up super well as long as I kept my leg on him; he wanted to be a little lazy. I got two halt, back two steps and walk off transisitons with no freak outs, and then we did something scary....canter! Two circles and one full lap around the arena both directions. He was amazingly coordinated. It was a tough ride and I really had to help him out, and he's still super green, but he didn't feel like he was about to explode into ten million pieces because none of his body parts were working with each other. We finished off "test riding" a bendy xrail line for BO. Robert was quite pleased with himself.

he's not a fat cow anymore! that's about all that can be said for him.

"'i iz hearing the horsez behind me."


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