Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh, hey 2012!

Man, the holidays have been crazy! I've been a party animal, super social, out on the town, yada yada. You can barely keep track of me!

I may have also discovered Netflix on the Wii. But I've been doing other things. Lots of other things. Like....cool, trendy, real people things. Really.

SO! Who wants to hear about horses?! I have been riding, and yesterday Hubby got dragged out to take some videos since my camera doesn't do indoor pictures.

I have a tendancy to rush warm up when I know I'm going to jump, but I made myself take it slow and easy with Robert and I think it paid off. He was super calm over every jump and didn't give me any problems (though he did try to dive bomb Emily once. Bobby doesn't really care for dogs.).

I don't mind that he isn't totally confirmed with getting his leads between fences right now, as long as he picks up the right one after the line. We started off with both jumps as ground poles and trotted over them a few times each way first, taking care to avoid the also-jumping spotted Pig Dog who is trained for agility and thinks jumping is great--even when she's about to get run over by a big dumb horse who wants to eat her.

We moved the poles up to a xrail and a 2' vertical and went over from both directions a few times, then upped the xrail to a 2'3 vertical. We only did this one from the right twice and he was such a super star that we ended there.

piggy says, "bring it on, donkey kong!"

bobby says, "i'll eat you, you little shit."
In good news, I was able to hike is girth up a hole since he's been here! I like it. I think he's right where he should be weight-wise. No more chunky monkey, but not even close to ribby. He's getting 3 quarts of grain 2x a day and unlimited hay so it''s not as if he's being starved to death, but he is getting regular work and turnout on a 15 acre hilly pasture with four other horses who like to go blasting around their paddock when they're bored.

"no more pictures! there's food in my stall!"

he's really not this awkwardly shaped in person.
I think I'm going to sit down today and pencil in a list of goals fo Bobby. He's been doing everything right so far (minus being able to canter, but it took us all summer to get some semblance of one so I know it's in there, it's just a long road to bring it out) and deserves to be given a fair chance at doing fancy things.


  1. I don't think he looks awkward in the last pic. The one before, yes, but geldings do that.

    The last pic makes him look all fit and balanced. Very flattering.

    So glad he's coming along nicely for you. :)

  2. Lookin good, you do a great job of not interfering over fences..


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