Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There's nothing fun about camping.

I will not be swayed on that point. You want to know how I spent the last five days of my life?


Sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud, but it was non-fucking-stop. Because you know what makes me feel better about shitty situations?

A long stream of curse words.

Curse words I have to mutter under my breath because Hubby's parents are anti-swearing, and I am just too polite for words.


piglets love camping as long as it involves swimming.

First world problems, I know. But spending three days in a constant state of various degrees of wetness from horrible weather, and one day puking my fucking brains out while having to hear from Hubby's mom about about how poor old SIL is pregnant again and has to have a lie-down, so that means I get to be dragged around doing shit I don't want to do is not fun.

Well guess what. I was feeling pregnant with loathing and spite. That deserves a lie-down of its own, doesn't it? (Also, I really was violently ill. I don't know what from. Probably loathing and spite.)

kelpies are much more dignified than crazy spotted dogs.

Anyway, that's all I'll say on that. It's probably more than you wanted to read anyway. Hey, remember I have this horse? He's large and in charge....and also waited for me to come home to show off his latest soundness issue. So polite.

hey there, mr distract-o with the broken hip.

BM told me to check for an abscess in the right hind because Bobby was hopping on it that morning when she brought him in. No problem. I dug around in his hoof for a long while, found absolutely nothing, and got no reaction from him. Then I put his leg down and he stands on his toe. Hmm. BM walked him out for me so I could see what she was talking about, and I instantly saw the issue: Peg Leg Magee.

Nothing but a case of sticky stifles here, folks. Apparently five days of doing absolutely nothing and way too little hill work this year has brought back our friend the almost-locking-but-no-longer-that-bad stifle. Bobby's had this problem his whole life.

I did his feet, curried the ridiculous amount of pee out of his coat (Seriously, this horse loves nothing more than a good nap in fresh pee.), and jumped on bareback for a measly walk trail ride around the barn.

"are you sure i can't eat this?"

He felt great going up and walking around on the flat land, but coming down I could hear the occasional clicking in his right hip. He's not getting any time off for this. That will only exacerbate the problem. Lots of trotting, and walking hills every day is the remedy.

I also switched his SmartPak back to the Recovery EQ and Fat Cat he was on last year. I put him on SmartCombo when I yanked his shoes since he wasn't doing anything but getting fat and standing around. Being back in full work and getting hot enough now to sweat constantly means it's probably past time for a more intensive joint supplement. The sweating also makes him drop weight like it's his job, and the Fat Cat does a great job helping him look not anorexic.

That's where we're at now. I'm sending in my entry for a horse trial at the end of August, and I've got a dressage lesson with Sara Spofford a few days before then. Fun things will be coming to this blog again one of these days!


  1. The only good thing about camping is how amazing a real shower feels afterward.

  2. Camping sucks. Camping with your in-laws is a whole new level of hell. I don't think any amount of bribery could get me to do it.

  3. You're a better woman than I! I used to like to camp, but then I realized that I like an actual bed and an actual shower waaaaaay more.

    Hope Robert's hip gets better soon! :)

  4. I like camping, but I do not like camping when it's remotely damp. Or hot. Or windy. So I like camping about once every 3 years.

  5. Hubs and I have a rule about vacationing with inlaws: don't.

    We tried it once with similar results to what you're reporting. Now if he wants to go spend time with his family, I stay home and play with ponies and everyone is happier.

  6. I'm off to camp with my in-laws shortly...this post does not give me comfort! lol

  7. Ew, sick while camping is the worst. At least it's over!

  8. You made it through!

  9. I will camp, but only if there is a real shower, a real bathroom, and if I get to use my blow up mattress with the memory foam topper. At that point I might as well just stay in a hotel!

  10. I love camping but NOT with any sort of dampness... I also require a blow up mattress and real showers/bathrooms. None of that "roughin' it" stuff.

  11. Maybe camping OR inlaws... never camping AND inlaws. ;D

  12. Hahaha there was supposed to be camping with in laws in my future.... I'm so over that now. It's hot, and dirty, and unless theirs a boat and beer and an AC it just doesn't sound that fun anymore. Glamping is the best I'll do these days, real toilets thank you.

  13. I actually like camping, but I have to admit, that when I am unhappy nothing makes me feel better than a long string of obscenities!

  14. Which event at the end of August?

    1. The one at Carousel Park on the 24th.

  15. Uh yeah, camping is the worst. I just love my cozy bed, air conditioning, and electricity way too much.

  16. Camping blegh, its only fun if kegs are involved.. and I'm sorry most people don't agree but pregnancy is a choice so why should I have to do extra because someone else decided to incapacitate themselves with essentially uterine cancer parasite.

  17. You are a better wife than I -- I absolutely REFUSE to camp. Nosireebob.

  18. Camping majorly sucks! Aussie dogs rule :)


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