Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Board: What are you paying?

This is kind of like that fun game we played over the winter about lesson fees, only this idea is stolen inspired by Beka's last post. It will give you guys something to contemplate and come back to stalk while I'm away. Or you can just ignore it and wait for what I'm sure will be fascinating results to come out next week.

Here's how we're going to do this in the spirit of keeping it as simplistic as possible. In the comment section, tell me:

  • What state/province you live in.
  • Whether you're doing full care, partial care, self care, or pasture board.
  • What you're paying.
So if I was commenting, mine would be: PA, full care, $ case your reading comprehension is as remedial as my graph making skills. 

I thought about asking for city names as well, but I don't want to go all creeper on fellow bloggers. That also makes the results easier to input. 

here is a photo of a kelpie just because she's cute.

Let the games begin!


  1. West Virginia
    24/7 turnout on 40 acres; small paddock and stalls available where BO will monitor horse if there is an issue (she'll bring them in for you and notify); BO feeds hay in winter; BO will water and throw hay if horse is stalled for a period; up to boarder to do anything extra

  2. Pennsylvania, Full-Care Pasture Board, $325. I also supply my own grain, so that knocks down the price a bit, and I work off a fair amount of my board... but yeah that's what I'm charged.

  3. PA
    Full board (10-12 hour turnout, hay, feed, supplements added at no extra cost, etc)

  4. British Columbia (Canada!)
    Self-Care (Use of pasture, tack room, stalls; I supply everything else)
    $100/horse (I have two horses there at the moment, so $200).

  5. Rrrrural Indiana
    Pasture Board (brought in for separate feeding 1x daily)
    $210 (going up to $275 this fall, I think?)

  6. Oklahoma, full care (24/7 pasture board, brought in for feeding 2x/day), $237.50 ($475/mo for the two of them)

  7. PA
    Pasture board with hay/grain included (only turned out with one other horse, 6 acre field with largest run-in I've ever seen and full use of amenities - indoor/outdoor ring, wash stall, etc)

  8. I live in Alberta and pay $400 a month for my big guy (because we actually use the arena) and $200 a month each for my youngsters. They all live on a pasture and we have access to a lovely heated indoor arena/wash rack etc. I think it's a pretty good deal. The barn is about 10/15 minutes from my house, even though I could find cheaper barns....they would be very far away from me.

    Please don't make me think about what 800 a month for a year adds up to. I don't want to know! :P

  9. I kinda can't play along because I don't own yet :-/
    But the board at my barn in NJ is $550/month for full-care, which is the only option. Most horses have their own stall and turnout depends on owner preferences (most horses have 12+ hours of daily turnout). Horses are fed at least twice a day with grain and have unlimited access to hay and water, and are turned out in individual paddocks.

  10. Tennessee
    Full Care unless we need to help out with something randomly.
    Paying $125 for Red (they supply feed and hay, while I supply his supplements and other meds.)
    He has full turnout other than when it's feeding time, then he's stalled for around 2 hours. He also is stalled anytime he needs to be for any reason. My BM medicates his sweet itch daily as well.

  11. Kelpie so cute.

    I can't comment since I own a farm - but I charge $275 indoor board at my place - I don't have an arena which is a hard sell in Canada, that being said my horses are pampered and there is no charge for extras. I'm in Eastern Ontario Canada.

  12. Ohio. Full Care 450 + Supplements

    Going back to partial care (I clean my own stall) in August- 250

  13. Kentucky (Louisville area)
    Stall/full board

  14. PA
    It's a co-op so we each share some barn duties and the owner pays us to care for her horse. 140 acres with a newly installed ring. Every horse has it's own stall, but Riley goes out overnight in the summer in a 20 acre field with a huge shed. I buy his hay/feed/straw. Great amenities with excellent hacking, wash stall, HUGE stalls, and trailer parking. We're also in the heart of everything eventing.

    I hope I never have to leave!

  15. Texas
    It's full care (as in they feed and muck but don't groom/tack etc). Two arenas, stall w/fan, 1/2 day turnout.

  16. Texas
    full care

    I feel like it's important to mention that there are no extra fees for fan, blanketing, feeding supps, extra hay/grain, etc. Everything is included in the price except for lessons. The horses are stalled (during the day in the summer, during the night in the winter) with daily turnout in private paddocks. Facilities are such that local shows are held on site - two sand arenas with great footing, sprinkler systems, dragged regularly, excellent jumps, washracks, round pen, fields to ride in, shower/restroom/kitchen facilities, automatic walker, big stalls, giant tack lockers, etc.

  17. Maryland, DC suburbs. My barn is about 35 minutes from DC.

    I pay $625 for what is basically full care field board for 2 horses. It is $350 for one horse but they have a muliple horse discount. Field board price includes: separating for feeding grain am and pm, grain (they feed Purina but I buy my own), supplemental square bale hay all year, round bales in winter, placement & removal of fly masks and blankets (and if you don't have your own, BO will find one to fit your horse. She has an arsenal of both masks and blankets), and access to a large run-in shed with fans that are on in the summer. Each boarder also gets a locker per horse and a saddle rack for each saddle in either the main barn or boarder barn. Barn has trail access and a small outdoor arena. A neighbor has an indoor with textile footing that we can use for $10/ride or $50/month.

  18. OK
    325 per, pasture full
    access to 2 outdoor rings 1 covered arena, walker, round pen etc.
    BFE location ...but not that bad

  19. → Kentucky
    → Full Care
    → $500

    This includes turnout (day winter and night summer, clean stall, hay, water, grain, will supplement if provided at no cost.

    $50 extra charge in winter for blanketing. $5 hold fee for vet or farrier. Facility has a large outdoor, large indoor, and a smaller indoor. Lessons are not included in board.

  20. Ontario
    Pasture Board
    $200 (226 with HST)
    literally the cheapest I could find without sacrificing care

  21. Maryland
    Field board - 5 acre pasture with run-in shed, small herd, fed twice daily, two arenas.

    I also travel to Maine for summers (sometimes) and board is $650 for a stall, with only small paddocks for turnout. Not ideal at all. So glad I moved to horse country!

  22. I'm just going to sit here and cry because everything in New England is so. damn. expensive. Seriously jealous of how much everyone else is paying in comparison to me. Because I can't be easy and just write down three little bullets I feel the need to write a novel and justify why I spend so much on pony-kins.

    - Rhode Island
    - Full Care
    - $800

    This includes fricken EVERYTHING. Beautimous new barn, indoor, heated/ac tack room, horse turned in and out on grass fields, fed, stall cleaned, every whim taken care of if I can't get there (blankets, meds administered, injuries tended to, holding for farrier/vet, etc.)

    1. For a stall at a show barn, that is price around here(ok), give or take.

    2. Lol no one there shows. We're a bunch of DQs who like doting on and spoiling our horses more than we like showing them.

    3. All these posts make me sad as well! I pay $450 for field board (includes feed). Full (stall) board at the same facility would cost me $950!!

    4. South Florida prices just outside of Fort Lauderdale were similar to Blaire's! We boarded 3 miles from our apartment. I paid $350 for self care, though boarders all pitched in with general barn chores like feeding, dragging the arena, barn maintenance. Barn had individual walkouts for each stall and small sand turnouts. One sand arena. Trail access down the street. We paid an extra $10/month 9 months out of the year for fans and an extra $15/month year round to pitch in on water filters for the awful well water. I bought my own hay, grain, shavings, mucked my own stall, did my turnout. Average price for one bale of Timothy hay worth feeding was $16. For ONE bale. You could feed crap coastal and that was still $10/bale.

      Full board with decent care started at $800/month in that area. One dressage barn charged $1200!

  23. Texas
    Pasture board (1 acre private, feed + hay 2x/day)

    The ones at home cost roughly $5/day/horse just for HAY. Feeding the easy keepers is cheap - they just get a mineral supp that's $20/horse/mo. Feeding the old guy is not cheap - he goes through a 50 lb bag of Triple Crown Senior (at $22/bag) roughly every other day. I'd prefer not to do the math on that, thanks. At least he doesn't eat much hay any more? LOL!

  24. West Virginia
    Full care/stall board with semi-private turnout
    Good pasture, grows own hay, grained twice daily
    Indoor/2 outdoors/500 acres of trails, trainer on site, amazing BO, down the road from my house

  25. -WA state (not Seattle area)
    -Full care

    Barn is 4 miles from my house. There's probably at least 10 other barns within a 5 mile radius of my house. I am at the most expensive one, but also with the most amenities. Typical board where I live is $300-$500 for full care.

  26. -Kansas
    -Pasture Board (with exceptions below)

    Although my horse typically lives outside 24/7 there are run ins, fresh water, they can be grained, hayed, and pasture is nicely maintained and rotated. We also receive locker space, and the option for a stall if the need arises (thrown shoe etc.). Plus trails, 3 great arenas and manager/trainer live onsite.

  27. Virginia. Full care plus 3 lessons a week = $650. Includes everything with the exception of vet & farrier. For Ella it's only $325 as she is half leased. Emma is $750 but that's because I get 3 lessons and 2 training rides ;)

    I feel that I'm getting a deal after reading this! Haha

  28. Idaho
    Full care --stall with covered run, daily turnout on nice grass pastures, BO feeds grain, does blankets, stalls cleaned daily and pasture picked weekly. Outdoor arena that is watered/dragged as needed.
    $400/month. I work off most of it.

  29. Massachusetts. Full care- $650. All day turnout, huge stalls, immaculate barn, indoor, outdoor, 5 flakes of hay a day and excellent care. In my area this is an absolute steal!!

  30. Ohio
    Full care (incl. feeding / turnout / blanketing / 2 indoor arenas, 1 outdoor, endless trails)

  31. For a girl who grew up in rural PA, boarding horses in metro-Denver is a very depressing experience.

    -Full care in a pen/run, with twice weekly turnout in an acre field

  32. Colorado

    Stall with run
    Fed four times a day
    full care
    trailer parking
    Indoor/Outdoor/Dressage/WE arenas
    Up to 7 flakes of grass or alfalfa, plus up to 6# of grain fed 2x a day
    $610 (but I think the price for newcomers is $650)

  33. Wow I'm jealous of most of you guys!!!

    Mare motel (they clean 'stalls' and feed hay)

    1. Karley, I'm jealous of you ... amazing what 15-20 mins toward the city will do.
      24x24 pipe paddock with roof over half (clean and hay, no bedding or anything - at least it's a big paddock ...)
      On the plus side, we have 4 arenas (1 indoor, 1 covered) and trails
      My trainer includes supplement feeding/blanketing as part of full training, which Paki's in now but only until we're solid enough in our training that we can do a basic weekday hack together ... because money doesn't grow on trees. :(

  34. Ok just to throw everyone in a tizzy.... >>> CA (Bay Area proper) >>>> full care box stall with turn out >>>>>$1200 (I'm listing the price of my old barn so no one who knows where I live will murder me to take my more affordable new barn... you think I'm crazy but it's that intense here)

    1. Haha I'm a Bay Area boarder as well. Were you at Miwok? Or down on the Peninsula? :)
      I've lived all over the CA coast and the Bay Area is the most expensive boarding I've ever encountered.

  35. $642 full-care including tax (600 without) in New Jersey. From my experience, full-care boarding facilities in my area range from $540 - $1200, not including backyard barns.

    This includes everything except lessons. There are no extra fees for a fan in the summer, blanketing in the winter, feeding supplements, unlimited hay, extra grain, etc. Everything is included in the price except for lessons. The horses are stalled (during the day in the summer, during the night in the winter) with daily turnout in small groups. There is an indoor arena and a large sand outdoor arena which are both dragged daily, as well as a round pen. There is also a bathroom, a small kitchenette, and an indoor wash stall.

  36. What I was paying when I had a horse up until a few months ago...
    So Cal
    Pasture board $360 (HUGE GRASS pasture...basically unheard of). Hay included. $30 extra for blanketing during winter. Have to feed/buy own grain/supplements.

  37. I keep the 5 creeps at home now but this is what I was paying for board on one creep.

    Full Board -Stalled at night, blanketed when needed, hay twice a day, grain once a day, turned out on small drylots, indoor arena.
    $480-$500 a month I was working out there 3 days a week to try and bring down the price of board...but I always seemed to be paying full price...

    Basically now our mortgage payment is the same as what I was paying board for one horse, and we have 5 horses.

  38. Michigan
    $180 for pasture board with a run-in. I have to feed any grain I want her to get.

    1. Meant to add I buy my own grain.

  39. My current barn is "free" since it's a private home.

    The barn I put my horse at in the winter is the following:
    Bay Area (away from the expensive areas though), CA
    12x36 paddock with covered 12x12 area, shavings, 2 meals of hay per day, full clean and blanketing

    Without the shavings and blanketing it's down to $480 but my animal is spoiled!

  40. California
    Full care (I don't utilize any of it though)

    Each of my boys has a large, open air stall with a run attached. I get half of the tack room (HUGE). My boys get free choice hay and there is a very large arena. The barn has only four stalls, two of which are mine. I also park my truck and trailer on the property at no extra charge. I also have a key to the house and know the code to get in through the garage.

  41. New Brunswick, Canada. Full care. $500. But I pay extra for special food, and this is admittedly high for the area. And includes taxes. And these are all the things I tell myself to not feel so bad about it. Haha

  42. Ontario, pasture board with lots of amenities, 340$

  43. - Central Ohio
    - Full Care (incl. grain, hay, stall cleaning, turnout all night or during the day for several hours - use of indoor, outdoors, outdoor xc and trails)
    - $425
    - Extras cost more (blanketing, fans, etc) - I do hold my own for farriers and vets.

    I would die for small group pasture board with run-ins. The only place I found turned out with 7-10 horses per field and that was a nightmare for bad habits.

  44. Northern Alberta
    Partial Care (no facilities)


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