Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Review, July Goals

June goals recap:

1. Push for a more active, engaged trot and canter during tests. We didn't get a single comment on being flat or lacking energy on any of our tests this month. Instead we broke my previous low score in eventing by three points, and scored in the mid-sixties for all three tests our second time showing First level.

2. Be aggressive with leg yields. Better. Better scores, better ridden, better my grammar is awesome. Still not perfect, but I haven't let him get away with sloppy ones at home.

3. Be more present when jumping. I haven't jumped since Plantation, but that was definitely my best stadium round from a thinking standpoint to date.

4. Buy things. Nope. Sad face. My birthday money slowly leaked away to various other things, so I still need new tall boots.


July goals:

1. Straightness. Keep those haunches from wondering off to party by themselves. They're like my right elbow--total frat boy douches.

2. Trailer out for a trail ride. Because not having access to our long, loopy trails at the barn anymore sucks. Trail ride everywhere!

3. Sharpness of the barrels. Since the rodeo is really the only thing of note I'm doing show-wise this month, we better make it count. I want Bobby's butt to stick with the program when running barrels.

4. Don't kill the in-laws. It's coming, dudes. The yearly camping and reunion agony. I'm already twitching.

Yeah. Those seem like pretty sad goals, but the final goal is all consuming.


  1. Whoa, Bobby is getting to be quite a sexy beast! His confo shots look awesome :)

  2. Am I the only one who reads Bobby in my head in a Hank Hill voice?

  3. Bobby is looking great!

    Best of luck with the "out-laws".

  4. #4 is my favorite goal. I can really respect that ;)

  5. I like your frat boy analogy

  6. More trail riding is always a great goal. :)

  7. What size do you wear for tall boots? I have a brand new pair to get rid of...

    1. 11 slim. Basically the size of a skinny sasquatch.

  8. What a different in his confo shots! What a beast.

  9. Hey! Trail riding is HUGE for horses - you can get a lot of schooling done across the trails!


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