Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let there be light!

We lost power Tuesday afternoon thanks to a monster storm, and we finally got it back late this morning.

Yay! Electricity! I love you!

pig surveys the pre-tornado watch yellow sky.

Naturally I was at the barn the last two days since there was nothing else to do but play Solitaire for hours on end, or work my way through books I didn't actually want to read since my Kindle was dead. I added my cell phone to the pile of those charging; thankfully the barn didn't lose power. Also thankfully, the only tree that went down on BO's property fell directly across the path of where my trailer gets parked. Why is that a good thing? Because I brought my trailer home over the weekend after trail riding.

Yay! No crushed trailer!

the cause for our loss of electric

Soooo, RuPaul's workouts. Yesterday was a dressage school since the outdoor was too sloppy for barrels. My plan was to get Bobby fired up, and then channel his excess energy to produce bigger gaits, a lighter front end, and lots of forward energy. He's been coasting in his flat work lately.

I had to tread lightly because Bobby can very easily go the wrong way, fall over the mental edge, and never come back. I warmed him up long and low before getting the dressage whip out and demanding straightness, working off the rail the entire time. Bobby didn't like be constantly corrected, but aside from just "Whatevs, you need to be straight anyway" it also served to get him super sassy.

He tried flying sideways, ran into the whip, had a minor spaz about meeting the whip, and tried the up and down in place tactic instead. I kept my reins light, my leg on, and resolutely kept posting. It took him the whole long side to get forward again, but once he did he was exactly where I wanted him. Mucho fancy. I let him finish with a lengthening across the diagonal and lots of patties for a smarty, sassy pants.

text break for a berry picking piglet.

Today we went back to Western Bobby. I forgot to bring the longe line up so we just did a whole lot of walking before moving to the canter. That saddle is impossible to trot in. Or really even sit in. At a halt. 

We worked mostly on the second barrel this time around. The first and last barrels are easy for him, but he still sucks at the second. He comes too wide off the turn now, but at least he's not stalling anymore. It helps somewhat if I take up a little more rein, but still not where I want it. He is, however, starting to lay down and get low around the final barrel which is too adorable. My eventing/dressage moose actually thinks he's a legit barrel horse.


We also worked a little on keyhole and got some good work there. We always seem to get good work at home on keyhole though, and then it falls apart at shows. Hopefully it just magically works out Tuesday.

And that is about it, folks. Now I can go grocery shopping since my fridge is running again. Yay! Electricity! Did I already say that?


  1. Wow that's a long time for the power to be out! I'd die.

  2. Pig has a thumbprint between her ears, too! She and Thule dog would be best friends, I'm sure. And by best friends, I mean Thule would ignore her peacefully.

    1. A thumbprint between her ears is about the only thing she has in there....

  3. I'm glad your trailer didn't get squashed!

  4. Way to ride through that tantrum. :-)

  5. That is a crazy amount of time to be without power! Glad you are out of the dark ages and your trailer is safe :)

  6. I found the dog berry video mesmerizing!

  7. It's amazing how much we love electricity after we've had to go without it for a while. :)


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