Sunday, July 20, 2014

Three Parts: PN, XC, HS

Penn National

start of the second

Thursday evening was my first time back at a racetrack in years. And as someone who spent most of their time at either Saratoga or Arlington, it was definitely a step down in class. Sorry, Penn. You're still fun. And you're also way classier than Fingerlakes, so you have that going for you.

esquel, my only winner of the night

BM and I took the four advanced camp kids down with a couple other people from the barn. It took a couple of races for the camp kids to get into it, but by the time the night was over, we were placing bets for them, and they were eagerly running from the paddock to the finish line for each race. I think they were most impressed when a race broke right in front of them, and a horse stumbled hard and dumped her jockey.

how cute is this face? sara the great.
It was a long trip back in the dark, and I didn't get home until midnight, but a rousing rendition of "Lean On Me" from a car full of singers with questionable voices and way too much Pitbull kept me awake. BM wants to go to the harness track by my house in the next couple of weeks since I missed that trip with one of the other camps. She's pumped she's found another ex-racetracker, but I'm really just not as obsessed with it as I used to be. It should still be another fun trip though.

Cross Country

Friday morning, BO had invited me to go up to the cross country course also with the campers. I'm always down with a little xc jumping, even if the only remaining jumps up there are tiny. Any terrain work is fine by me, and it was a good chance to test Bobby out on xc with his bit in.

over the ditch

He was fine in it, and he even managed to keep his brain in his head while waiting for the campers to jump. He's not a fan of the whole stop-start process, so that was a big deal for him. Of course, Bobby being Bobby, that was only temporary. BO had the campers jump the picket fence that Bobby never wants any part of, so I sat that one out. Bobby was not pleased to have to sit back and watch other horses jump without him, but I didn't want to start a fight about him not going over near it.

awkward landing picture ftw!
We led the way over a few combinations, Bobby lost his shit being asked to trot halfway down the hill to turn around a jump a fence instead of running, and only two campers fell off (one deservedly so). Bobby and I finished with a romp up the hill because there's nothing I love more than encouraging bad behavior.

And talking to my horse like I'm a fucking douche bag:

Horse Soccer

Also on the "Carly Somehow Managed to Become a Voluntary Camp Counselor" agenda was a game of horse soccer with my giant jolly ball Friday afternoon. Obviously I had to get Bobby in on this as well--especially since he was getting the whole weekend off--so I jumped on him bareback and joined in.

We started off as a stationary goal keeper since Bobby isn't afraid of the ball, but he wasn't really grasping the whole "Kick it!" thing either. However, after my team scored our first goal, he was looking so longingly out at the other horses that we went in for a bit. He did end up giving it a solid kick one single time...and it went directly into our own goal. Oops.

I took my helmet cam off halfway because it was annoying me, but he did get into it a lot more as we went on. We ended up having all three teammates in at once, so whenever the ball headed back to our goal Bobby got to go cantering off to square up in front of it. He took his job very seriously and was happy to whip himself around to stare down the other horses as the ball went bouncing off his side and legs.

T took better video of the soccer, but it's on her facebook so I don't think I can get it on here. If you're my friend on facebook you get to see it. Go you!


  1. Pretty sure you just had the funnest three days ever. So jealous of that hill you romped up, and OMG HORSE SOCCER I NEED TO DO THAT. Also you are hilarious.

  2. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun being an extra camper, I mean, Voluntary Camp Counselor!

  3. Um, I want your weekend. Can we tag along next time?

  4. I've heard Penn National isn't the nicest track, but then I move from one dump to the next, so who am I to judge. It would probably be a huge improvement on most of the shitholes I end up at. You always do the coolest stuff! Love reading about it :)

  5. I love fun camp games! We use to play horse tag at the camp I went to and then volunteered at for many years.

  6. So, what's your share of the camp fees, eh? ;P


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