Thursday, June 20, 2013

Showing and Saddles

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that this weekend's dressage show was cancelled due to low entries. I have to admit that I was absurdly crushed when I heard. I was really looking forward to getting Bobby off property and trying to get a decent dressage test out of him with the distractions of a show. Plus, when he keeps the dramatics under wraps, he really does look quite fancy.

I was feeling so bummed yesterday that I almost didn't go to the barn. Instead, I spent the morning hiking with my puppies.


In an effort to stay positive, I came home and sent off another entry. Now I know this was supposed to be a break from showing and here I am sending off entries all willy-nilly, but the reason for the break was that I was burnt out on showing, and really burnt out on eventing. But being so lackadaisical about show preparation and just working through the basics of both dressage and jumping has really chilled me out (although it may not seem like it), and now I find myself thinking, "I want to see how this will stand up at a show. I wonder if it will carry over."

The entry was for a combined test (dressage and show jumping only, non-eventing folks) at BCHP on July 7th at BN. While I really didn't want to drop back down to BN this year completely based on my pride, I think it will be a good step for Bobby. Bucks is the center of all our worst performances, and my hope is that  the lower level and complete nonevent that this show will be will start to give us a new outlook on this venue. I also signed up to school cross country afterwards so if the stadium goes to shit, we'll have a chance to work it out without having the pressure of making it around another set course of jumps.

Now the good news!

Thanks to the wonderful offer from blogger Lindsay who said she would be willing to work out a payment plan on one of her old saddles, I suddenly remembered that fellow boarder O, who is six feet of legs like myself, was trying to sell her 17.5", forward flap, wide HDR Pro Close Contact over the winter. I didn't remember her saying it sold, so I dug around in the carriage house and found it tucked into its cover in a corner.

I tried it on Bobby yesterday and while it was a hair wide set right against his back, once I put my EcoGold pad on, it was spot on. I hacked around in it, trying different lengths of stirrups, and even went over a couple of jumps. I felt great in it. I felt like I could really work with all different stirrups lengths without feeling unbalanced. I also trail rode in it today and really enjoyed that my butt wasn't falling off the back. Minor details.

So I asked O what she wanted for it. $425 with stirrups for a like new (this thing doesn't even have any visible rub marks on it) saddle that retails for around $900. And the best part? She's willing to take payments. I am so grateful! I'll have it paid off in four months and be the owner of an awesome saddle that fits both Bobby and myself!

ooh. ahh.

The good news totally made up for the bad news!

"no, i don't have seven acres of freshly mowed pasture to my right.
they starve me at this place!"

Also, for an overdose of cuteness, I present to you the Bobby Magee Fan Club:

the first thing one of the counselor's said was, "where's his buttercup head?"

We were headed out for our trail ride and got mobbed by camp kids taking a bathroom break. Bobby obligingly stood like a rock for a solid five minutes as they hung off of his head and neck and gave him kisses.  He was quite happy to finally be recognized as the celebrity that he is. Once the kids started to head back into the barn, he made to follow them. I had to break it to him that his only work for the day was not going to be standing around surrounded by his own personal posse.


  1. Congrats on the saddle, sucks on the shows!

  2. yay new saddle!
    I love that picture of Bobby's fan club. For whatever reason, whenever the horse I am riding is around small children they tend to *ahem* "relax" and it makes for a super, super awkward moment. Mom's or adults with said small children usually blush and giggle.

  3. Awesome news about the saddle! That last pic is adorable.

  4. What a deal! New saddle sounds awesome. I love how Bobby looks like he's resting his head on small child in the last shot.

  5. Nice job on the new saddle! Bobby is soaking those kiddos up, huh? Cute.

  6. LOL I Love Tracy's comment!!! Looks like Bobby is soaking in all the attention :)

    Woot New saddle!!!

  7. Congrats on the saddle! That last picture is priceless. :D

  8. Yay saddle! Having a saddle that really fits *you* makes allllll the difference in the world.

  9. Sucks that the dressage show was cancelled, but I'm glad you found an event to enter and have a renewe interest in showing!

  10. Love the pic of your boy being mobbed by the little ones! What a great guy!

  11. Great news on the saddle front & I love the final pic of the Bobby Fan Club!


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