Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fernhill Magee

Sometimes, when Bobby is showing his especially fancy, my-mom-works-so-hard-to-make-me-look-legit side, I refer to him as Fernhill Magee. Have you seen a Fernhill horse that isn't fancy?

No, you have not.

(And when Bobby is being especially bad, I refer to him as "Explitives-that-can't-even-be-named-on-this-blog Magee.)

remember this meme I posted last week?
bobby did his best impression over the weekend.

Today, in the soft footing of the indoor (still waiting for the farrier), Ferhill Magee was strutting his stuff.

The camp kids had left a bunch of poles in the ring so Bobby got to warm up on a loose rein over those at the walk and trot. He was a little peeved that a) he hadn't been ridden in three days and b) he was set to go out when I rolled in, so things started off a little sticky.

Bobby: I don't see why I should have to go slow, or stretch down, or steer.

Me: Because I'm the rider and I said so.

Bobby: Yeah.... that really means nothing to me.

He finally tripped over the poles enough that he decided to pay attention. He got a short walk break where I collected up the reins a bit and then set off at the trot again to work in a long and low frame. To the right, beautiful. To the left, awful. Got that sorted out, and then had a discussion about how my outside leg can indeed be used for steering and does not need to be ignored.

I put him on a circle and he actually managed to do a few steps of walk and a few steps of trot transitions multiple times!! Instead of his head going KABOOM, it went "Hmm..." So when we struck off for canter, it was flawless and the canter itself was totes dreamy.

Did some trot lengthenings, and finished on the counter canter. Definitely need to use that every single ride. He was a little unbalanced through the turns, and a little quick in general. He also gets way to enthused about his flying changes and tries to impress me with them whenever he feels the urge.

Of course, he had to have a bit of sass.

He spooked at the empty gate several minutes after a car had pulled in. He spooked at the pony in the back who had been in the exact same position our entire ride. He spooked at the bright blue minivan in the parking lot. He spooked at the port-a-pottie. He spooked at BM's car. He spooked at a small child walking by.

And when we finally made it back into the barn, one of the camp kids mom's was like, "What a gorgeous animal. Do you know how gorgeous you are?" BM and I looked at each other and had a laugh.


  1. Great post! Its fun reading about you and Bobby.

  2. Bobby certainly did do a lovely impression!

  3. Haha don't you love the random mom that are aloof?! :)

  4. Love Bobby's reasons for spooking. Gotta love horses.

  5. :) What other see, right?! He is pretty adorable!

  6. BAHAHA! I loved that meme the first time around, but Bobby's exact replica made it 10x better.

    Also, love that he has a "fancy" nickname and a "bad boy" nickname!

  7. Love your convos with Bobby & the photos are perfect!
    Hope NF comes soon and Bobby's feet can be in tip top shape again in no time1 :)

  8. Love the meme ;) also I nominated you for the Liebster award, stay tuned for my next post with further details!

  9. Love it, but never heard of these Fernhill ponies. Will need to go look!

  10. LOL friend worked for Carol Gee who owns Fernhill Sporthorses in Ireland. I worked for another eventing yard in Ireland at the time. I find it hilarious that people pay SO much money and keep the Fernhill names because Fernhill Sporthorses, is just your run of the mill Irish sales yard. The people are sketch, and the horses are OK in terms of Irish horses. They are definitely not the best in Ireland, not even close. They are the cheapest, then they come to Canada and the US and everyone oohs and aahs over them. Don't get me wrong, they are nicer than most around here, but all Irish horses are. They are just amazing. Just wanted to give you some insider secrets of the Fernhill horses lol

    1. Hey there, Negative Nancy. We Americans are easily impressed. Don't wreck my dream. ;)


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